January Favorites

A couple of years ago, we rounded up a list of our favorite things each month. It helped up reflect on the month, as well as celebrate our favorite things, makers and people. So we wanted to bring it back! The things listed below aren't necessarily "new" this month, but things we've experienced this month. Here are our favorite things from the month of January:

  • Blogger of the Month: Nicole of Writes Like A Girl. We've had huge crushes on Nicole for such a long time. Basically we just want to be best friends and have endless coffee dates with this woman. She's hilarious, intelligent and body positive, and just all-around a kick-ass lady. Check her out. 
  • The Women's March. This month was hard for us politically and as a nation. However, this march and seeing millions of women and men march the day after the 45th president's inauguration was a powerful experience. But the work isn't done. Here's a link to help figure out your next steps
  • Along those lines, the speech/spoken word poem Ashley Judd gave at the Women's March on Washington is a powerful, all-inclusive piece of art and rally cry. 
  • If you don't know, Sarah desperately wants to be a mermaid. And this month, Kaitlyn got Sarah a mermaid tail blanket for her birthday. One a few more steps away from becoming a real mermaid and not just a land mermaid.
  • This tweet from Chrissy Teigen casually showing off her stretch marks.
  • THE BACHELOR IS BACK! Our number one pleasure (not even guilty) is watching The Bachelor. Every season, we gear up with our brackets and band together every week with wine, chocolate and snacks to witness love and drama unfold. It is seriously the best. And if you don't think it's the best show on television, then you haven't watched it. What do you think of this season? Nick? OMG CORRINE? Can we talk about how perfect Vanessa is? And dolphin-girl, can you please be our best friend? 
  • Our local zoo has triplet tiger cubs and they are too die for. Bernadette, Eloise and Kash. Cutest things ever.

What were your favorite things in January? Tell us below!

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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