January Book Club: The Mothers by Brit Bennett Discussion

Welcome to our first-ever discussion post for our Book Club! In case you missed it, every month we will be reading a new book with some awesome gal pals (including Being Zhenya). At the beginning of each month, we will announce the book we will be reading so you can read along and join us HERE on our discussion post to chit chat, gush and or rant about the book we read! 

Our first pick this year was the literary debut from author Brit Bennett. It's a story told from multiple-perspectives that shows how one decision can impact an individual, a family and even an entire town.
One of the main reasons why we chose to read this book was because our favorite bookstore, Boswell Books, was hosting an author event in February where we could meet and discuss this book with the author herself. 

The event was eye-opening. Things we had not thought about the book were explained and discussed by the author. Before this, however, she read an excerpt from the book and it was remarkable to hear her words flowing from her mouth. She seemed down-to-earth and like someone we would be friends with. She answered thought-provoking questions about the book and about herself. We were shocked to learn that she spent about 7 years writing The Mothers. And this made us feel good about the novels we wish to write someday. Overall, it was an incredible event.

Below, you will find our individual reviews of the book. If you read with us, please join us in the discussion in the comments - there we can get into the spoiler-y stuff!

★★☆☆ (3.5/5 stars)

Overall, this was very well written. As a whole, I think Bennett should be super proud of this debut novel. The prose was beautiful and the characters were intoxicating. It was a simple story, however, perhaps it was a little too simple. Throughout the book I was waiting for something big to happen--I wanted there to be a little more. The novel brought up important issues that make you think about how one decision can impact many lives. Overall, I would recommend this book and look forward to reading more Brit Bennett.

(P.S. What was with those last two lines???)

★★★☆ (4/5 stars)

I loved this book, I suppose, because I feel close to it after hearing Brit Bennet speak. Her writing is like honey - it flows and it's beautiful and it's sticky. It stays with you. While I did not relate much with Nadia, our protagonist, I found her to be an extremely interesting and complicated character. At some points she was so juvenile and stupid, other points she had to make hard decisions. In that way, I think we can all relate to her, dealing with the dichotomy of life. I can't wait to read more from Brit Bennett.

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