Black Cat Alley

When we first moved to Milwaukee a few years ago,  we were constantly on the hunt for beautiful murals to capture. While, Milwaukee had its fair share of nice ones, they were scarce and spread out. So when we heard about the Black Cat Alley project that had started close to our apartment, we were beyond excited. The Black Cat Alley is a collaboration of artists that created a large-scale, two-block alley that showcases murals of all styles and stories.

Artists from all around the world came together for seven days to collectively paint and create this new space: transforming this old alley into an art destination. This space truly represents the thriving and collaborative art community in this city: a community we celebrate every day.

We couldn't be more excited about the works presented here. Each mural is truly breathtaking and unique. Do yourself a favor and take the time to come visit.

You can find the Black Cat Alley at Kenliworth Blvd and Ivanhoe in Milwaukee, WI.

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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