You Can Be Creative

By: Natasha Aldred

What does creativity mean to you? I hear so many people who think that they can’t be creative. They can’t draw, play an instrument, write a book or paint and the truth is, they can and you can too. Everyone sees these ‘talents’ as something remarkable but it’s just practice. Michelangelo didn’t just pick up a paintbrush one day and paint the Sistine chapel. Jimi Hendrix didn’t pick up his guitar and automatically start playing the most amazing riffs you have ever heard. It doesn’t happen in those singular moments we see. The things we never see are the processes. That initial inspiration that urges our passion to do something different. Those days, weeks and years you spend learning the rules so you can break them and adapt your own style. It reminds me of the song by Macklemore:

So I ask you today: What would you love to do? What inspires you? What are you really passionate about?

Find this thing you love and try it. Learn how to do it and practice, practice, practice.

Creativity can be found in everything. Maybe it’s how you dress or how you apply your makeup. It could be the way you cook, what type of ingredients you fancy, or how you present it. These little minute seconds of every day your brain is being creative without you even thinking about it.

So go out there and just try. Shut off that little voice of perfection and tell the nagging one that you can do this. You can:

  • Sign up for a class. Learn the basics through YouTube, skillshare, workshops, local groups or colleges.
  • Surround yourself in inspiration. The artists you love, music that you admire, anything. You can do this just by following blogs, Spotify playlists, Pinterest boards or even head down to your local library.
  • Jot ideas down. Write a journal or post your wish list or target anywhere you can see it.
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. You’re only beginning.
  • Get advice from others. Positive or negative feedback. Take it on board and learn to adapt.
  • Take time to relax. A comfortable surrounding or a night out with friends can really help bring the inspiration back when you’re getting bogged down.
  • Doodle
  • Experiment. Trying new materials or techniques. You may even find something that comes more natural to you.
  • Go somewhere new or just get outside. Nature is full of inspiration. Think back to the alien films, does anyone else see how much they look like deep sea creatures? Just saying.
  • Find your inner child. Where has that imaginative kid gone who used to make broomsticks and swords out of sticks.
  • Finally, just keep on swimming. Practice makes perfect as the old saying goes.

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Oh, hello!
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