Rethinking Soulmates

By: Kaitlyn 

I never really liked the idea of soulmates when I was younger. I didn't like to think that there was only one kindred soul out there in the world for me and that I would somehow have to find them amongst the other six billion people in the world. It would be impossible. And there was no amount of Disney movies to be watched that would convince me otherwise.

I have been lucky enough to have met several of my soulmates in my life and I know that I will meet many more. Because here's the thing: soulmates aren't just one single soul that you will romantically connect with in the world.

I have met kindred spirits in my life where I knew immediately when I met them that there was something different about them. Maybe we had uncanny similarities, maybe we just clicked, but there's always been something when I meet these people that tugs on my soul and whispers, "This soul and your soul are the same."

I have had several of these moments in my life, none of them being romantic in nature. And the thing is, I know I could have had this experience hundreds of other times and that I will have this moment endless amounts of time in my future.

I don't think that there's only one person out there for people. In fact, I think that perhaps we are all each other's soulmates. There are stark similarities amongst all of us and collectively we combine into one whole soul: every individual is a part of that.

What an exciting thought---every person we meet in another extension of our souls. It is so beautiful.
We are soulmates. 

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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