Open Letter to the World,

Dear world,
Hello, my darling.

Let's be real; the world has been kind of a scary place lately. No, not kind of--it's been terrifying. And every time I wake up and read the news, another part of me breaks for you. It breaks because I can't fathom the misunderstanding people hold for one another. It breaks because I just want to scream at them to listen. It breaks because none of this has to happen. It breaks because I know that we are so much better than this. So much more.

And I see you.

I see you crying and I see your soul broken. But, if there's one thing I know it's this: the power of your tears. Your tears fall on us and they pull us up with their strength and purity. Your tears fall on all of us and we're forced to look up and pause. Look around. And pause.

Forced to look at what we've done. Intentionally. Unintentionally. To see each other, truly, for the first time.

We see your strength... we see our strength. And that is beauty.

Your soul won't heal by itself, but as your tears fall, more and more people will listen.

We hear you.

Your soul will heal because I know that hatred is misunderstanding and misunderstanding is avoidable. Your soul will heal because I know it's possible for everyone to listen, to care. Your soul will heal because I know that we are so much better than this.

And, with the good that I know is in all of us, we will heal. Together.


Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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