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By: Kaitlyn 

When my dear friend and Duck & Owl contributor, Gus, told me about this awesome children's book author he knew that I should interview for T-Time, I was all aboard. I was even more aboard the interview train when I found out that her and I actually had a lot of classes together in college. 

Hilary Neesam is the kind of person that is so warm when you first meet her that you just want to give her a hug. Her passion is infective (in the best way possible) and I had the pleasure of experiencing that passion in our courses together as well as when we sat down this past weekend to talk about how she's thrown her passion into writing children's books.

Hilary has always loved creative writing and always loved working with kids, so the idea to write a children's book was a fitting creative pursuit for her. 

"I had the idea for a long time. In college I did  not know what I wanted to do which was frustrating. We're trying to figure out what we want to do, but we're told that we have to fit a certain mold," Hilary said. 

Once she graduated college, Hilary took up a full-time 9-5 job working in front of computers all day and she found that she wasn't happy or fulfilled. 

"It wasn't what I wanted to do and I realized I didn't have to do what I was supposed to be doing," Hilary said. 

So she took a leap of faith and wrote her first children's book, "Just Be You". "Just Be You" is a message told through a variety of scenarios, allowing the reader to place themselves into the book. 

The books spreads the message of authenticity and is meant for readers of all ages: children, high schoolers, people leaving college, people in the workforce, etc. 

"Knowing who you are, that's something that'll take your whole life," Hilary admitted. However, she stressed the importance of embracing your hobbies and your interest and promoting that from an early age. 

In order to follow her own authentic self, Hilary started a Kickstarter to publish her book and raised $6,000 in a matter of 30 days. All of the money raised was put towards books being published and more books in the future. 

After publication, Hilary has had the opportunity to go to over 15 schools to directly work with students on spreading the message of the importance of embracing who they are. 

In every chat that she has with students, Hilary always introduces her book by saying, "It's not about princes or princesses fighting fire-breathing butterflies or about flying into space. It's a book about being you."

Hilary admitted to me that her only goal is to keep spreading this message into schools, "I don't want to be a bestseller. I most importantly want the message to be spread."

Hilary is currently working on her next children's book about Dreaming Big. She wants to work on a few more books the revolve around spreading positive messages to people of all ages. 

"There are going to be people telling you to go to certain places in life, but you can do whatever you want to do," Hilary said. "Just be you."

You can order "Just Be You" and contact Hilary to schedule school visits on her website. 
You can also participate in a giveaway for the book on our Instagram page!

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Oh, hello!
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