Artist of the Week: Kayley Mills

When we started this blog years ago, we had a Sunday feature called Sunday Sweets & Smiles in which we showcased some of our favorite things that we discovered that week ranging from cute YouTube videos to favorite music.

As we've continued to write this blog and to create a larger online community, we have become extremely passionate about promoting and introducing the world to artists that are changing the world. So in our spirit of sharing our favorite things on Sundays, we wanted to start showcasing a new artist each week.

These artists will range from illustrators, photographers, writers, dancers, actors, musicians, etc. We can't wait to share and celebrate their work with you.

This week's featured artist is:

Kayley is a brilliant illustrator from England whose work and life are bursting with color and light. She illustrates custom portraits of people as well as creates adorable art prints and stickers. She's the UK representative of The Crybaby Club and her giggle is the cutest thing on the planet. 

I sat down and asked Kayley a few questions about her work. 

What do you create? 
I mainly create colourful custom portraits and I sell art prints, stickers and mugs! (So far)

Why do you create what you create? 
I create it because I've always had a passion for drawing and I love being able to make something thats going to make another person happy when they receive it.

What do you hope to do with your art? 
I've already reached my goal which was to ultimately sell my art. That's all I hope to do and to continue to do. Being able to share my work with so many people just makes me the happiest person.

Any words of advice for fellow artists out there?

My advice to other artists would be don't compare yourself with anyone else; it's so easy to get yourself down because you feel other people are better than you. You will inspire other people, you are unique and so is your work, just always remember that!

You can find Kayley's Instagram here and her Etsy store here

Do you know any artists that should be featured as Artist of the Week? Let us know in the comments below!

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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