Validating our own emotions

By: Kaitlyn 

I think a lot of us experience moments in our lives where we're feeling one thing, but trying to convince ourselves we feel another way in order to please another person.

Like when you're at a dinner party and your friend makes you this "great" kale dish and even though kale tastes like dirty snow, you pretend it's delicious. Or when your friend keeps cancelling plans on you and it hurts, but it's fine because you totally have other things to do (like binge-watch House of Cards on Netflix).

But it's not fine. This is not fine. It's okay to not be okay.

One of my friends recently told me, "The only thing you can control is yourself."

I can't control the fact that some people like kale, but I don't have to pretend like it's the greatest thing to happen in the culinary world. I can't control the fact that my friend keeps cancelling, but I can let them know how I feel.

There have been times in my life I wished I could change how people were thinking and convince them to do something I wanted them to do. I think that's a natural wish to have. As much as I try to understand where everyone is coming from, sometimes I wish I could change where they're headed.

However, that's not only an unfair and selfish thought, but it completely undermines my ability to empower myself.

I speak about empowerment and the importance of standing up for yourself a lot on this blog. In reality, it's something I struggle with every day. It's something that we need to remind ourselves to do every day. We need to remind ourselves that we matter. That we are worthy.

It's hard to gather the courage to stand up for your own thoughts and emotions. It's hard to acknowledge that your emotions are valid and deserve to be respected. And that it's not up to others to validate those emotions for you. It's completely up to you. You can't change how people view you or treat you. But you can change how you treat and present yourself, which can make a huge difference.

Once you start to respect and voice your own emotions, other people will respect them, too.
I am trying to letting go that I have no control over how people feel; and I shouldn't have that control. What I have control over is owning my own emotions and not being afraid to show them.

I have been working on this in my own life and getting rid of my fear of my own emotions. While being honest with myself, I am working on being more honest with other people. This has empowered me and has gotten me out of situations that would have hurt me in the future if I hadn't said anything. And I'm proud of myself for that. I am proud of my emotions.

Showing our emotions makes us fearless.

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Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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