Kit and Ace x The Duck and The Owl: Letter Writing Party!

A few Sundays ago, we spent our morning with a group of wonderful people, spreading the love of snail mail, drinking mimosas, gossiping about our latest TV show addictions and making face-to-face and written connections.

This year, it is our goal to both send out 500 pieces of mail. Thanks to Ashley and Katie at Kit and Ace, we were given the opportunity to host a letter-writing event and get closer to this goal, while encouraging others to write letters as well.

Located in Milwaukee's Third Ward, Kit and Ace was the perfect place to host this event. Katie and Ashley strive to spread the importance of bringing snail mail back in a society that savors "likes" over personal connections. The coziness of the store helped emulate the coziness we like to add into our letters.
Homemade cards, fancy pens, stamps and markers in tow, we gathered around a big table and let our words flow. With our goal of 1000 total pieces of mail in sight, our group wrote 40 letters in a matter of two hours. These letters will be sent to loved ones and used to reconnect with friends.

There's no better feeling than receiving a hand-written greeting through the mail. We encourage everyone to send a friend or family member a piece of mail - the feeling is equally as great.

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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