SPIRE Fitness-Milwaukee

By: Kaitlyn & Sarah

Before this year, working out for us meant taking a leisurely stroll down to the beach or going on mini-hikes for photoshoot purposes. Running was like the plague we avoided at all costs and the gym was a site of terror.

Our knowledge of a spin class was completely based on our experience watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - a popularity contest complete with seating arrangements and an instructor called Tristafé.

So when SPIRE Fitness in Milwaukee's Third Ward asked if we wanted to try out their spin classes, we were totally prepared for our experience.

Spire Fitness describes itself as a "boutique fitness experience" and is the first place in the nation to offer indoor cycling, indoor rowing and yoga.
It's a small, welcoming space that isn't overwhelming like some gyms. It has two workout rooms that house the different classes.

SPIRE offers a variety of theme classes ranging from music genres to specific musicians. The first class we were interested in was a Justin Bieber-inspired ride. We've had his new album on repeat, so we knew we had to go.

Our dreams came true of sitting near the front of the class, which we later found out means nothing more than being slightly closer to the instructor. The class itself kicked our butts and we continued to feel the burn for days after.

However, just like any other work-out, the more often we did it, the easier and better we felt. We went to classes ranging from Flashback Fridays to workouts with weights to a Ke$ha themed ride in which we covered our faces in glitter and paint. It was fantastic.
The most enjoyable part of SPIRE was the constant motivation from the instructors. Each instructor made us feel like invincible and fierce powerhouses that could take on the entire world. After the classes, we wanted to go empower everyone around us.

Attending classes at SPIRE Fitness made us feel like we could ride those bikes all around the world, kicking ass and taking names. Through the sweat and glitter and sweet, sweet Justin Bieber crooning "baby, baby, baby oh", we certainly felt inSPIREd to push ourselves. Who knows, one day maybe we'll run into Kimmy Schmidt at SPIRE - fingers crossed! 

To find out more information on SPIRE Fitness and to sign up for classes, visit their website. 

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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