T-Time with K & The Grey Estates

By: Kaitlyn 

Lauren Rearick has been a long-time supporter of this blog and kick-butt lady friend who founded The Grey Estates, a music blog, back in 2013. Since then, her blog has been named one of the top music blogs by Headphone Nation, and has hosted and sponsored amazing music events. 

This year, Lauren started off what's sure to be another ground-breaking year with a huge project: her first mixtape, Sugar Rush.

Sugar Rush is a compilation of all female and gender-neutral bands performing cover songs.

In the often male-dominated music industry, Lauren has experienced first-hand how hard it is to have her own voice heard.

"I wanted to give these bands a chance to share their voice and be a part of something really special. And to me, having a tape that highlights how talented these musicians are, regardless of gender or background, was really important," Lauren said. 

Lauren doesn't think that the issue of the music industry being male-dominated is intentional, just a habit of its history.

"I think in general, over the years, I've been met with disbelief or lack of support from male friends because it's like, 'oh she can't like something like that or she doesn't know what she's talking about.' It's more just ignorance, "Lauren said. 

This tape is one of Lauren's ways that she is combating this ignorance and lack of representation in the music industry. This has been shown throughout her career and foundation of The Grey Estates

"Just supporting our fellow females and gender-neutral friends and artists is a really good first step in educating others," Lauren said. "Putting yourself out there and reciprocating the support and love that others show you is really important in sort of dismissing the negativity."

Lauren has a relationship with many of the bands featured on the tape through The Grey Estates and reached out to them hoping that they would be just as excited about her idea as she was.

"Everyone was so supportive and excited. It was fun as we got closer to share the finished product because our e-mail chains were just hearts and love and supportive words," Lauren said. 

With Sugar Rush, Lauren hopes that people will discover new artists and bands that they might not have otherwise. She also wants it to inspire people to go out and do the project that they've always wanted to do.

"I also just really want The Grey Estates to be a trusted platform and source of information on music that isn't about clicks or hits or ratings," Lauren said. "I just want people to know that we're here and that we do everything because we love it."

Sugar Rush will be available on February 29 from Negative Fun Records

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Oh, hello!
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