T-Time with K and The Cheer Up Girls

By: Kaitlyn 

A few weeks ago, my dear friend Meagan introduced me to a new Instagram movement: The Cheer Up Girls. This group of awesome ladies send out postcards of cheer and positive reminders to those who needs a pick me up. Anyone can message them with their address and the girls will send them a homemade postcard with an inspirational saying on front and a personalized note on the back. There are so many reasons why I love The Cheer Up Girls including their concept, everyday loveliness and endless messages of positivity they send out on a daily basis. 
These girls and their project have absolutely exploded with amazingness and success these past few weeks and we're so excited to celebrate with them.

Most stories that end in cheer start with sadness, and that's where The Cheer Up Girls' story starts as well. After many heartbreaks due to relationships, friendships and family, the ladies of The Cheer Up Girls (Alayna, Mallory, and Jasmine) had to learn how to heal their hearts. They realized after learning how to love yourself, the most important thing is, " the people who I surrounded myself with in this time who inspired me, and lifted me up when I was at my lowest, and really made me see that I was going to make it, and be stronger and smarter and better because of it," Alayna said. 

When Alayna's heart was broken after a long-distance relationship full of post-card love letters last year, she found herself in a hole of doubt and confusion that she thought she would never get out of.  

"I have some great people in my life who have always done a great job at lifting me up and keeping me afloat even in the darkest of times," Alayna said. "Our friendship (Alayna, Mallory, Jasmine) came out of nowhere but at the most perfect time...the universe took a turn and pulled us together like magnets."

They built each other up and supported each other, even when (especially when) they felt like they didn't deserve it. 

Recently, Alayna met a barber that gives free haircuts to homeless people, which got her thinking, "if you have a gift, or something you're good at, use it for the greater good."

Alayna wanted to find a way to give back and knew what she could do when she received a package in the mail from an Instagram giveaway she won. 

"I ran inside and upon opening it I burst into tears. It was one of the first times I was finally able to cry," Alayna said. "I was so touched by the random act of kindness of someone I didn't even know sending me a present and a handwritten note that I decided, this is something I can give other girls, too."

Alayna pitched her idea to her biggest cheerleaders and they were immediately on board, 

Alayna said, "Mallory, the girl who had spent the last year repeating and beating it into me that I was worthy of happiness and greatness, and Jasmine, who gives every ounce of her heart, love, and time helping and caring for everyone else before herself, were all I needed to make this thing happen. Without them it never would have manifested."

Jasmine, co-founder of The Cheer Up Girls, emphasized how society has really created a place where female friendships and support are needed and necessary. In a society where unrealistic expectations are placed on women, support is unfortunately hard to find, and these pressures end up making women feel like they're never good enough. 

"As a woman, and as a human being, I never want people to feel like they don't matter when they are around me," Jasmine said. "There have been so many times when I have felt alone and unloved. No one deserves that. Not even my worst enemy."

The Cheer Up Girls was created to combat any feeling an individual may have that they're not good enough, "to make sure women are reminded they are perfect as is. That someone cares. Somebody out there is taking the time and effort to show they deserve to smile and be happy," Jasmine said. 

The response and need for this kind of support has been overwhelming. Many bloggers, artists and women (and men) on Instagram have jumped in to support this project in any way that they can, whether that be through contributing giveaway goodies or postage stamps. 

"It's just such an amazing world, when you stop to think about it," Alayna said. "Girls coming together to lift up other girls, with no judgments, no other motive than to spread the feeling of belonging to something when this cold world has the ability to make you feel so shut out and alone at times." 

The Cheer Up Girls want no one to feel like they are alone. Each card that they send out is unique with its own special message on the front as well as the back, and these positive messages have touched their recipients.  
"We don't know the women that we are writing to, but we know we want them to feel important. Alayna, Mallory and I have all had some awful days but we had the luxury of leaning on each other," Jasmine said. "Not everyone has that and we just want them to know we care even if it's just one letter. Sometimes, that's all it takes!"

The ladies never expected The Cheer Up Girls to blow up as quickly like it did. Originally, their goal was to reach 1,000 followers in the first year; they certainly weren't expecting it to happen within the first month

This has brought some unexpected craziness into The Cheer Up Girls' lives as they try to balance this and their full-time jobs, but it has also opened up a huge window of opportunity. 
"What have we found to happen when we try to lift people up? Everyone wants to join in," Jasmine said. "When we talk about the Cheer Up Girls to our friends and family, everyone wants to help us out and that is awesome! Right now, its just the three of us but we definitely want others to help with this movement in the future...Imagine what more we can do! The possibilities are endless."

Alayna also mentioned that they have no end goal or see a clear end to their mission, "So we'll never quit."  
Whatever The Cheer Up Girls evolves into in the next month, year, or years, one thing is for certain: they will never stop lifting people up. 

"We were meant to go through those tough times," Alayna said. "We were meant to come together to move past them, and we were meant to help make sure no other girl has to face hopelessness alone."

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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