How 2015 was ASASKJFHLKjshfljfkjh, but beautiful

By: Kaitlyn
As bloggers, I think it's sometimes easy to give off the impression that our lives are full of adorable dinner parties and perfect outfits, but in reality, life isn't always so hunky dory--life is freakin' crazy.

2015 was a year that kind of just felt like KHAFLSKJAHSLKJHLKJH DJGKDNF<KJ....AJHFLKDshj. You know what I mean? It was like what I would imagine apparating would feel like if you messed up and one part of your body was stuck in one place and the other was stuck in another. This year started off like that for me; one part of me stuck in a life that I thought I could convince myself was okay when the other part of me knew that I deserved so much more.

And although my year started off ugly, and kind of looking like a hairless cat (you want to convince yourself that it could be cute, but in the end it's not. Sorry, hairless cats, I still love you, I just needed to use you for an analogy), I eventually made my way to where I'm supposed to be.

I learned a lot this year, and although I'm not perfect yet, I'm making my way towards being content and fulfilled and that's all I want. I learned that it's okay to finally get help. I learned that medication isn't a surrender, but an embrace of accepting the help that you deserve. I learned that it's okay to forgive someone and not feel like you owe them anything still. I learned that it's okay to stink at your job sometimes and that sometimes kicking ass just takes a lot of work. I learned that saying sorry is ridiculous and that "just" is an unnecessary word.

But most importantly, I've re-learned what's most important to me--all of you. Throughout the year, you're the ones that have gotten me through things I couldn't get through by myself. For every one person that has made me feel like I'm worth nothing, there are approximately 74876 people that remind me every day that I'm worth everything. I would say that the odds are in my favor (ha, take that Effie Trinket!). You were there for me if I needed to call you sobbing in the middle of the night because I couldn't stop staring at cabinets. You were there for me when I needed a cute dog picture the most. You were there when I needed a surprise package of mail from across the country. You were there sending me words of encouragement on Instagram and inspiring me with hour-long conversations about how you were changing the world when I interviewed you for this blog.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for making this imperfect year all the more beautiful.

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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