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By: Sarah

A friend recently put the idea of television sitcom writing in my head. It's something I had never thought to do before. Or rather, something I didn't think I was good enough to do. But lately, I've been thinking otherwise. My goal for 2016 is the write a full-length episode of a show and send it wherever it needs to be sent to be read by someone important (clearly, I know all the ins and outs of sitcom writing). I've got a lot to learn. But, now the hours I spend watching Netflix can totally be used as "research".

So, the way this idea started: Every Monday I've been writing  (on my Facebook) a small dialogue for a Parks & Recreation and The Office dream-crossover that I call Offices & Recreation (italicsizing in hopes that one day it will become real). It combines the two shows in what I think would be the funniest show of all time. Here's the first five "episodes":
Can we just imagine a world where Michael Scott and Jean-Ralphio Saperstein know each other and are friends????
*At dinner*
Michael: How large is the steak dinner?
Waiter: It's a good chunk of meat.
Michael: That's what-
Jean-Ralphio: *sings* SSSHHHEEEE SAAAAAAID.
*They fist bump*
Dwight K. Schrute and Ron Swanson meet.
Ron: Let me get this straight, son ... you own and operate a beets farm?
Dwight: I am the proprietor at Schrute Farms, yes. We have the finest, grade-a beets in all of Pennsylvania and a bed and breakfast to really immerse you in the beet culture.
Ron: What do you serve for breakfast? A good, hearty meal of eggs and bacon, I presume.
Dwight: Oh yes, we have 10 varieties of beet-bacon available, made by my cousin Mose.

*Camera pans to Ron with his arms crossed and a disgusted scowl on his face*
Kelly Kapoor and Chris Traeger are deep in a conversation about juice cleanses.
Chris: I just finished the BluePrint Juice Cleanse and next I want to try the Organic Avenue Juice Cleanse.
Kelly: Yeah, I've already been on both of those cleanses. It's how I got this rockin' bod, beautiful hair and flawless complexion.
Chris: That is literally the greatest accomplishment I've heard all day. You know what would be fun? We should run a marathon together!
Kelly: Oh, I can't. I'm busy that day giving money to children in poverty.
Chris: Kelly Kapoor, you are an inspiration.
Next week on Office & Recreation, Karen Filippelli and Ann Perkins meet.
Karen: You look so familiar.
Ann: Yeah, it's almost like we're identical...
*Leslie Knope sees Ann Perkins and Karen Filippelli talking*
*Camera pans to Leslie*
-Scenario 1-
Leslie: *chugging a bottle of syrup* JJ's was out of waffles, so I grabbed this and ran. WHO is that Ann imposter?! *wipes mouth with back of hand* Is this the Parent Trap? Am I being Parent-trapped? Am I the mom and the dad? There can only be one mystical-perfect-princess-best-friend-of-Leslie-Knope and that's Ann. Not this faker.
-Scenario 2-
Leslie: What's better than one Ann? Two Ann's! Two tropical, beautiful nurse queens! I think I'll keep one at work and one at home so I never have to be without Ann. Wait, are there more of them??? Oh, just two? Ok. I think I'll start a venn diagram of their similarities and differences. And then I'll write up a friendship contract and start our new best friends scrapbook. And then I'll make them lunch and we'll all eat together holding hands!
Next week on Office & Recreation, Andy Bernard and Andy Dwyer talk music.
Andy Bernard and Andy Dwyer have already bonded over having the same name and discovered their shared love for playing music. Bernard is on the banjo and Dwyer is on the guitar. They've just finished a 20 minute jam session.
AB: Yo! Dwy-Dog, that was an awesome jam sesh! You really know how to shred.
AD: Thanks, man!
*They high-five*
AB: Do you like acapella?
AD: Nah, I don't really like fruit.

NBC, if you want me to write a Parks/Office crossover, let me know.

Stay tuned for more episodes soon.
Who should meet next on the show? Leave me a comment letting me know!

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Oh, hello!
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