100 Reasons to Be Happy

  1. Puppies
  2. Cheese
  3. Getting a free head massage when you get your hair cut
  4. Bubble wrap
  5. Finding money in your winter jacket
  6. Saying something at the exact same time as someone else
  7. Coffee
  8. Socks
  9. Songs that perfectly describe how you're feeling
  10. Introducing someone to something you're obsessed with
  11. Cold beer
  12. Cuddling
  13. Parks & Recreation
  14. Target
  15. Blogs
  16. Hearing a song on the radio you've been waiting to hear
  17. Getting out of your comfort zone, even if only for a night
  18. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
  19. Books
  20. You can pretty much YouTube how to do ANYTHING
  21. Meeting great friends on the Internet
  22. Mittens
  23. Ellen Degeneres
  24. Mix CDs
  25. Taking an awesome selfie
  26. The 90s 
  27. Seeing art
  28. Creating art
  29. Creating in general, no matter the medium
  30. Cardigans
  31. Receiving and sending letters
  32. Adult coloring books
  33. Harry Potter
  34. Nicknames
  35. Emojis
  36. Seeing parents using emojis
  37. The fact that you don't have to call anymore to order pizza - it's all online
  38. Being really proud of something/someone
  39. Making lists
  40. Getting a question right on Jeopardy before the contestant
  41. Melted cheese
  42. Black and white stripes
  43. Potatoes of all kinds
  44. Friends who inspire you
  45. Collecting things
  46. Reconnecting with old friends
  47. Making new friends
  48. Traveling
  49. Halloween
  50. Thanksgiving
  51. Christmas
  52. Movie nights in
  53. Fun nights out
  54. Long showers
  55. Holding hands
  56. Loving the city you live in
  57. Baked goods
  58. Writing
  59. Overcoming fears
  61. Learning something new
  62. Plot twists you totally didn't see coming
  63. Finishing a book and being so profoundly impacted by it
  64. Greeting cards
  65. Cats
  66. Inside jokes
  67. A great, big belly-laugh
  68. Attempting to talk like teenagers #squadgoals
  69. The Packers mascot is literally a hunk of cheese
  70. Finally beating a level in a video game that you've been working on for weeks
  71. Receiving/giving compliments to strangers
  72. Great handwriting
  73. Buying flowers for yourself or for others
  74. Finally feeling like that weight is off your shoulders
  75. Laughing at your "punk/goth" phase in middle school
  76. Realizing how great puberty is
  77. A huge, fuzzy blanket
  78. Surprises
  79. Getting good feedback on something you worked hard on
  80. Live music
  81. Donuts
  82. Kisses
  83. The first snowfall
  84. Making someone proud
  85. Instagram
  86. Cooking
  87. Being compared to a celebrity/someone you admire
  88. Bodies of water
  89. Seeing good changes in yourself
  90. Puns
  91. Falling asleep cold and waking up warm
  92. Making people laugh
  93. Engulfing yourself in warm laundry
  94. Good hair days
  95. Good mental health days
  96. Camp
  97. Sunrises and sunsets
  98. Treat Yo Self Day
  99. Being on time to something you thought you'd be late for
  100. Finishing something you started

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
We're Sarah and Kaitlyn, roommates from Milwaukee who started this blog to promote creativity and life.
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