Sarah and her Search for the Perfect Mustard Cardigan

By: Sarah

We don't blog about fashion much here on The Duck & The Owl, which is weird because both of our closets are teeming with clothes and I've been dreaming of being Rebecca from The Clothes Horse since 2007. Teeming and dreaming.

My wardrobe consists of a lot of patterns (floral and black/white stripes are my favorites), dresses and skirts, high-waisted everything, and a lot of sweaters. But I was missing one item I'd been searing for forever: a mustard-colored cardigan.
A mustard cardigan is such a statement piece. I needed one.

Here were my requirements:
-Mustard colored
-Cable-knit (or something similar)
-Buttons (optional)
-Won't break my bank

I searched for a loooooooong time. I'm talking a few years here. I fell in love with a cardigan I found on Amazon, but it came in one-size-fits-all and without being able to try it on before ordering it, I didn't want to take those chances. And really, the human body is not one-size-fits-all. I thought ModCloth would have a million mustard cardigans for me to choose from. And they did, but unfortunately, none of them were quite right. Then I found this American Apparel cardigan with almost everything on my checklist. It was a match made in knitted heaven. And then I saw the price...

Just when I had started losing hope, I found this cardigan at Target:

It had everything I wanted. I even upcycled buttons from an old cardigan I never wore and sewed them on this one. It did have some problems though. There were these weird slits up the sides that I didn't like and it left little yellow puffballs on everything it touched. However, I thought my search was over. I had finally found my mustard cardigan. It wasn't perfect, but I was satisfied with it.

Then I saw this Instagram post:

Immediately, I rushed to the Urban Outfitters about 5 minutes from my apartment. I tried this one on in front of a mirror because I didn't want to waste time waiting for a fitting room. It had to be mine and it had to be mine now. I had finally met my mustard cardigan soulmate.
I know this one was a bit more pricey ($59), but I'm going to wear it all the time. I mean, I can wear this baby fall, winter and spring. That's 272 days of the year (273 on a leap year)! Now if September would stop acting like July, I could start wearing it every day.

Have you ever searched high and low for a perfect piece for your wardrobe?
What was it? Did you find it?

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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