Book-Tube-A-Thon 2015

Hello, fellow readers (and friends who don't like to read, it's ok)!

This past week, we participated in the BookTubeAThon, a yearly read-a-thon hosted over on YouTube. Each year, different BookTubers (YouTube creators who focus on reading and reviewing books) host the BookTubeAThon and set up challenges for the week-long event. Here were the challenges this year and how we fared:
1. Read a book with blue on the cover

Sarah: I read Sex Criminals, Vol. 2. This is a rather graphic graphic novel, definitely for 18+. It was different from any graphic novel I've ever read. The art was wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Kaitlyn: For this, I read The Winner's Crime by Marie Rutkoski which is the sequel to the book The Winner's Curse. This is a YA fantasy book that's perfect for people who aren't usually fantasy readers. There's not a lot of magic in it and it really focuses on court intrigue and war strategy. I LOVED this sequel. The world building was phenomenal and I simply can't wait for the next book. 

2. Read a book by an author who shares the same first letter of your last name 

Sarah: I doubled up on this one and read a book by someone with BOTH my initials. The book was Brain on Fire by Susannah Cahalan. The book was remarkable and insane and so important. One of my favorite memoirs I've ever read.
Kaitlyn: For this, I started The Desire Map, that was recommended to me by one of my friends. It's a book focused on how you can channel your feelings to achieve your desires. I didn't end up finishing this book this week, because it wasn't a book I really wanted to just binge read. 

3. Read someone else's favorite book

Sarah: I read one of Kaitlyn's favorite books for this one! The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo. Unfortunately, the book just wasn't for me.

Kaitlyn: I wanted to finish one of Sarah's favorite books, Shantaram  by Gregory David Roberts, but unfortunately, I didn't read any of it. I'm about 600 pages into this 1000 page beast though and I'm loving it, so I plan on finishing it soon. 

4. Read the last book you acquired 

Sarah: This was Only Ever Yours by Louise O'Neill. Oh my goodness, you guys. This book was intense and messed up and will stay with my for a long, long time. Please read it.

Kaitlyn: I ended up reading An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir, another YA fantasy novel. It takes place in a world inspired by ancient Rome in which there are Scholars (slaves) and Masks (warriors). This book is told in dual perspectives and I raced through this book; I could not put it down. 

5. Finish a book without letting go of it

Sarah: I didn't do this challenge. I tried, but failed. I like to take breaks between chapters of books, so there was no way for me to not let go. And that's ok!

Kaitlyn: For this, I read a graphic novel: Saga, Volume 4. This has been my least favorite in the series thus far, but it was still really good. 

6. Read a book you really want to read

Sarah: To be honest, I really wanted to read all of these books! But specifically for this challenge, I chose In Real Life by Cory Doctorow and Jen Wang. It was cute, but not the best graphic novel I've read. 

Kaitlyn: I finally picked up You by Caroline Kepnes, a psychological thriller that is told in second person from the perspective of a stalker. THIS BOOK IS CRAZY. I can't stop thinking about it. Brilliant. If you liked Gone Girl or Girl on the Train, pick this one up. Warning: This book is super graphic. 
7. Read seven books
Sarah: I ended up reading 6.5 So close!
In Real Life
Sex Criminals, Vol. 1: One Weird Trick
The Alchemist
Only Ever Yours
Armada - Got about halfway, haven't finished yet

Kaitlyn: 5.5(ish) books is good enough for me! Click here to watch my wrap up!
Saga, Volume 4
The Winner's Crime
An Ember in the Ashes
The Desire Map - Haven't finished yet

Reflections on the Week
Readathons are hard work! And fun! Between the two of us, we read more than 2,000 pages. That's crazy! Finishing a book gives us a sense of accomplishment, so having read so many in a week makes us feel great.

Have you ever participated in a readathon? How many books did you finish?
Do you have any tips for doing them?

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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