July Favorites!

Here are some of our favorite things from July!


Kaitlyn - The Heart of Betrayal by Mary E. Pearson
Last summer I read Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson, a medieval fantasy story about a princess who runs away after she doesn't want to marry the prince (whom she's never met) who she's betrothed to. Sounds cliche, but this story and the characters are anything but. This book had one of the best plot twists I've ever read. So, when the sequel came out this month, The Heart of Betrayal, I had high expectations and this book exceeded all of them.

Sarah - Seconds by Brian Lee O'Malley
A graphic novel with adorable illustrations about a female who runs her own restaurant and eats mushrooms to change one thing about her day? Yes. This was so quirky and wonderful and I loved it and you should all read it.

Kaitlyn - A Game of Thrones
I'm really bad at watching T.V. shows. For some reason, binge-watching shows is really hard for me, but I finally finished watching the latest A Game of Thrones season and I still can't stop thinking about it. Probably not because of the scene you're thinking of, but because of that Cersei scene. My goodness. That was so powerful. Chills. 

Sarah - A Deadly Adoption
On TOTALLY the same caliber as A Game of Thrones, if you haven't watched Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig's LIFETIME movie, A Deadly Adoption ... you really, really should. I don't want to give anything away, let's just say it's intense. And hilarious. Wait, no, it's totally serious.
(We also watched our first season of The Bachelorette and were, admittedly, very hooked. Jared totally should have won.)

Kaitlyn - All The Pretty Girls by Kaleo
If you're a fan of Bon Iver, you'll really dig this track from Kaleo called All The Pretty Girls.

We went to see The Avett Brothers and Brandi at Summerfest this month. They were both amazing. The Avett Brothers are my favorite band ever, so of course they were phenomenal. Brandi Carlile was a huge surprise to me - I instantly fell in love with her. Check out this video from the concert:


Kaitlyn - Garnier's Blackhead Eliminating Scrub
I read in Cooking Light (a weird place to read this, I'll admit) recently, that charcoal is really good for your skin. Charcoal is an oil magnet and helps heal pimples and prevent further breakouts. So I picked up Garnier's Blackhead Eliminating Scrub. It feels absolutely amazing on your skin and it helps prevent pimples. So it's a win-win.
Sarah - Coloring! Paddle boarding!
I've found recently that coloring is very calming for me. I've always loved coloring, so the new "adult coloring book" trend is great for me. I also went stand-up paddle boarding for the first time this month and FELL IN LOVE with it. I was oddly great at it. I don't know when I'll have the chance to go again, but I hope it's sometime soon.

Kaitlyn - Ice cream!
Yesterday, I had the best ice cream sandwich I have ever had in my life from Purple Door Ice Cream: A raspberry green tea ice cream sandwich with lemon cookies. Purple Door is a local ice creamery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that has a variety of different flavors every day and you can even sample a bunch in a flight (think a beer flight, but with ice cream). If you live in the area, you have to check it out. 

Sarah - Guac!
Summer means guacamole, right? I just got back into the groove of making my favorite guacamole recipe. You should definitely try it if you're an avocado fanatic!
Instagrams/Apps/Other iThings

Kaitlyn - Marisa Crane
I've been absolutely loving Marisa Crane's Instagram feed lately. Her poetry is so raw and honest and sometimes just makes me feel like cheering. 

Sarah - Two Dots
This is a silly little game that I downloaded recently and have been playing a lot. It's very aesthetically pleasing and nice to play during commercials.
What are some of your favorite things this month? Leave us a comment!

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Oh, hello!
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