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By: Kaitlyn 

My twin brother has Asperger's syndrome. Growing up on the Autism spectrum was continuously a struggle for him, but he made it through all of his adversities with a smile always on his face. One of the largest roadblocks for him was finding a job. Despite the fact that he's a dedicated and amazing worker, finding a job was hard. That's why when I heard of the Have a Happy organization, my heart lifted. 
Have a Happy was founded by Kristie LaCrosse and her 16-year-old son Austin. Have a Happy is an online company that sells a variety of products ranging from t-shirts to mugs featuring their logo and inspiring phrase.

"Like many young adults on the spectrum, Austin struggles with anxiety and other issues. While he is considered to be high functioning, there are still things that he struggles with on a daily basis," Kristie said when I reached out to her to hear her and Austin's story. As a result of looking for opportunities for Austin to practice key job skills and not finding anything, she founded Have A Happy. 

"Since I wasn’t finding them, I decided I had to create them," Kristie said. 

They founded Have A Happy so Austin could gain real-life job skills in a vast variety of areas and an online product and company was a perfect platform for him to do so. 

The name "Have a Happy" is a phrase that Austin's grandpa always says whenever it's a holiday of any kind. "To me, Have a Happy is about versatility.  There is always a hint of optimism with it too.  We’re all about optimism in our family and our company," Kristie said. 

The long-term goal of Have A Happy is to create a company that will support and employ other individuals on the spectrum. For example, their first t-shirts were printed by a company that employs individuals on the spectrum. In this upcoming holiday season, they hope to add two part-time employees.

"Most people are aware of Autism or have at least heard of it.  But that doesn’t mean people understand his differences or his unique needs.  There is a wave of young men and woman that are starting to enter the workforce or about that age," Kristie said. "As a society we need to take advantage of what they have to offer. It's benefits everyone."

Have A Happy is a company with a mission that is near and dear to my heart. It's a mission that inspires that there is good and hope in every situation. It's the belief that a smile and a message of happy can change someone's day. 

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