Standing on a New York City sidewalk is a guaranteed disaster, part II

Fiction Fridays
By: Lisa

Whenever Jess has a pen in her hand, which doesnt happen often in her digital existence, her first instinct is to scribble a capital Aanywhere she finds a surface. Shes been known to absentmindedly scrawl these little tee-pees on her work desk, on the pad of her thumb, and on the pages of books while making margin notes.

Whenever one appears under her nose its a shock through her system, because Jess never remembers making them. Sometimes she rubs them out, sometimes she leaves them with a controlled sigh. Its become a well-known quirk of hers, and its not uncommon for her co-workers to happen upon one of her little signatures and wonder why shes written four As on the white space of her expense reports. These As are like pebbles scattered behind Jess in the woods, reminding her of where she has been, leading her back.

If you asked her now, Jess would tell you how exciting he was. That first impression probably stemmed from their whirlwind first meeting, where he serendipitously scattered her belongings to the wind on that New York City street, apologized quickly, and then randomly asked her to stop walking away.

Shell never forget the passion in his voice when he spoke those wordsas if there was too much hope being held in his chest that some of it was bound to spill over. He was romantic in his faded suit, spontaneous and willing to sacrifice his nearly nonexistent career for a small girl on a street corner.

No, shell never forget a word Alex said, but it always seemed like Alex was too preoccupied to pay attention to the small moments. He never remembered the movie they watched when she first stayed over. In fact, he asked her twice if she had ever seen that movie, and each time Jess got a little sadder, knowing that that movie was now her favorite because of him. Alex didnt remember what she told him about loving softball when she was a girl, didnt bother remembering her funny college anecdotes, and sometimes totally ignored the myriad worries and cares that dominated Jesss existence perhaps too strongly.

Instead, hed tell her what a beauty she was with her bright green eyes, adored her when she looked up at the New York skyline, but didnt look past what may have made a good photograph.

Most of the time, when Jess finds a random Asomewhere in her empty apartment, she wonders if shed have been better off walking that same brisk pace right past Alex on that New York day.

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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