Now If We're Talking Bodies

By: Kaitlyn 

I'm a tiny person. I've always been small. Every child in my family is very tiny and seems to be unable to gain any kind of substantial weight. I eat. All the time. I'm not a healthy eater either; my main diet consists of doughnuts, pizza and pasta. 

So when people comment on my pictures with "eat a burger lol", I don't laugh. Lately the first thing people talk about when they see me for the first time after a while (especially family members) is the fact that I'm skinny. When people hug me, people have whispered in my ear, "Wow, where are you?" and "I'm afraid I'm going to break you." And they think it's a joke, but in reality it hurts.

I know I have a small physique, and it's never bothered me before until people started pointing it out. It shouldn't bother me; but I'm only human and when people comment on your body in a negative way, it's sometimes hard to look at it in a positive manner. 

I just saw a bunch of articles about Lena Dunham's lingerie Instagram photo and it reiterated the problem that I have about how the media regards and reports body image today. Any time a woman is embraced in the media for her body that isn't typically what Western society deems as "perfect", every article that is posted highlights them owning their body and being beautiful regardless of the fact that they have a body that society generally doesn't deem "beautiful." 

Why does that need to be highlighted? Why can't we just say someone is beautiful just because they are themselves? In an attempt to highlight how non-discriminatory they are against someone's body type, they actually point it out more. The media isn't embracing her for her appearance as much as saying, 'Oh... so you're cool with your body? That's brave of you.' 

I'm definitely not saying that people shouldn't be comfortable with their bodies. I'm saying the opposite. I'm saying that every.single.individual should feel like they have the right to be confident about their bodies regardless of their shape, height, size, and beautifully unique differences. 

Many of the body-celebratory anthems in music recently also seem to be sending the wrong message. They celebrate women with curves, while pulling down women who have none in order to combat when women who don't have curves bring down people who have them. We need to be celebrating every single body - and most importantly our own. 

The body image culture is changing in our society and it's mostly for the better. People are finally starting to look past society's blurry mirror and see the beauty that all of us hold. However, we need to make sure that as we're celebrating ourselves that we're not bringing others down. Let's celebrate our selves. Let's celebrate each other. Let's celebrate every body. 

What's your favorite thing about your body? 

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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