National Self-Love Day

It's great to celebrate other people's achievements and to show people how proud we are of their accomplishments.

There are so many holidays out there dedicated to these "you're awesome" parties in order to show our appreciation for others, like Mother's Day, Father's Day, Sibling Day, Valentine's Day,  Galentine's Day Abraham Lincoln's Birthday, etc. These celebrations are important days, but what about a day for yourself?

All too often, we forget to celebrate the most important people in our lives - ourselves. Maybe this is because a lot of us are told that celebrating ourself is egotistical and a bad quality. How many times have you been chastised for wanting to take a selfie, followed by being called a "millennial"? However, love is the greatest gift you can give yourself, no matter what those people say.

So we would like to start a new holiday: National Self-Love Day.

This day is all about YOU and all about letting yourself celebrate how freaking amazing you are. Yes, you. You do crazy-fantastic things every single day and those things need to be celebrated. Did you get a job today? CELEBRATE! Did you finish reading a book? CELEBRATE! Did you put on pants this morning? CELEBRATE! Did you not put on pants this morning? STILL CELEBRATE!

National Self-Love Day is all about loving you for who you are and treating yourself to what you love.

Here's how we would (will) celebrate National Self-Love Day:

I don't mean to brag (but it's Self-Love Day, so I totally can), but I take myself on the best dates. On National Self-Love Day, I would take myself on the best date I've ever been on. I'd start by forcing myself to sleep in late until 8 a.m. because I have a horrible habit of waking up early. Then, I would find a coffee shop that I have never been to, grab a few books and a notebook and head over there. I would buy myself an Americano, read some words, write some words and get a lot of caffeine. I would then take my camera out of my bag (I have a Mary Poppins bag where this all fits) and stroll around the city exploring places I've never been and I would just happen to stumble across a bakery in which I would buy 12 doughnuts, 2 cupcakes and a loaf of bread for later. After I've sufficiently stuffed my face, I would wander to a body of water and hang out with some ducks (and feed them the bread) and hopefully wander across some puppies to play with. After a long day of doing nothing and everything, I would come home and make myself a romantic dinner and curl up with a book and a cup of tea. See? Best date ever. And I would take myself on it because I deserve it.

Have you ever listened to a record while lying on your back on the floor? The cracks the needle makes when it meets the vinyl mimic the cracks the lyrics make in your brain as they breeze through it. On this day, you'd find me tapping my fingers on the rug to Sufjan Stevens' new album, letting the music act as a blanket. I'd fill my feet with those rhythms and then I'd fill my legs with lyrics in the form of sentences, spliced together to create a novel. The magic of the words married to the magic of a Diet Coke would form a perfect union. And the peonies sitting on my window sill, pink and purple of course, would compliment that union. At this point, my torso would almost be full, but I'd top it off with a warm shower filled with lavender and honey scents dancing to the same album I've been playing on repeat all day. I'd paint my face and feel pretty and I'd document it without feeling ashamed. I am Queen of the Selfie, hear me roar. Then I'd strip myself of that make up and my clothes and exchange them for the comfiest crew-neck sweater I own. I'd fill my head with the wise words of Leslie Knope until sleep and I became best friends. (Oh yeah, and there would be cats. Lots of cats.)

How would YOU celebrate National Self-Love Day? Leave a comment!
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Whenever I’m in a terrible mood, feel zero confidence and think I can’t do anything, I remember a random lyric from a She & Him song that goes, “You gotta be kind to yourself.” That phrase, in my head always crooned in Zooey Deschanel’s smooth alto, has the power to make me second-guess my inner critic that constantly likes to suggest I’m not good enough. That song reminds me that all the mean things I think about myself are lies. I literally sometimes tell myself to shut up. “Stop it, Lisa.” And then I tell myself nice things, things that are true. “You’re smart, you’re funny, you’re talented, you’re kind.” The litany is endless, and I don’t always believe it. But the more I say them to myself, the more I start to believe it. 

If there were a National Self-Love Day, I would spend it doing all the things I love doing, without feeling guilty for abandoning my responsibilities. I would pamper myself and tell myself that I’m worth it, that I deserve the best, and that I can do anything I dream.

I've never really considered my attitude towards myself as self love, but come to think of it, that's exactly what it is! I believe in my own ability to create, to love and to explore with 100% surety. It's something I've learned along the way, but a quality I'll never let go. Believing in yourself for me is the greatest way to show yourself some loving. 

If there were a National Self-Love Day, I would buy myself a plane ticket, some chocolate and take my camera and myself on one hell of a ride! Although everyday is Self-Love Day for me, I feel it's also important to love others, just helping others makes me feel happy. To truly make a difference in someone else's life would really make my day/week/month/year! 

I've dealt with enough put downs and bad breakups to realize the importance of being my biggest fan and showing myself an endless amount of self-love. For me, showing myself self-love comes in the form of taking care of myself and also treating myself. I allow myself to have that ice-cream cone, I allow myself to enjoy a luxurious Lush bubble bath and I find passion projects that showcase my talents and interest. Sure, sometimes at the end of the day I wonder if I'm doing too much, but I have so much fun doing what I love and chasing after the things that make me happy I wouldn't have it any other way.

If there was a National Self-Love day I'd remain pantless and on the couch enjoying endless cups of coffee, a Netflix binge and a bubble bath. I'd also probably enjoy my favorite foods...maybe pizza, donuts and hot dogs. Maybe would soundtrack my bubble bath with my favorite tunes and dim the lights. Maybe should just do this tomorrow.

At midnight, night before my Self-Love day, I would get things started. Ever since I watched Blue Crush as a kid and Kate Bosworth made that hotel room seem so fun in her fluffy robe, hot shower, comfy bed and blueberry waffles, I have daydreamed about doing just that myself. I would take the short drive to downtown Memphis and get a fancy hotel room for myself, overlooking the river. I would go right to sleep and sleep in to maybe 10 a.m. (that is still sleeping in for me since I have kids, but not too late so that I miss brunch and half of the day) I would wake up, and jump into a big bubble bath and order room service. Jump out of the bath, put on my fluffy robe, and laze around while eating waffles, fried eggs, and mimosas. Maybe even get a masseur to come up and take all my tension away. Ive never had a massage before, but I have always wanted one. 

After I left the hotel, I would go walk around downtown, see the sights, soak up what my city has to offer. I would find a flower shop, and buy some for myself, lilies of course. Then, I would then grab a late lunch at the sushi place that I love downtown. I love sushi, but my husband doesn’t, so I don't get to go there as much as I would like, but SELF-LOVE DAY!

After that, I would go see a movie; a movie of my choosing. I would stop by the snack stand, and buy myself any snack I wanted (junior mints, popcorn with extra butter, and a large vanilla coke) and I would find the mushiest, girliest, “never in a million years would I ever convince my husband or children to see this movie instead something like The Lego Movie or the newest horror flick” movie and I would park my butt right in the back, and snack and cry and snack and cry. It would be amazing.

After that, I probably wouldn't be too hungry for dinner, so instead I would either go get a snow cone at Jerry’s (strawberry cheesecake with soft serve ice cream in the middle) or stop by Starbucks and grab my favorite splurge drink— raspberry white mocha— and head back to the hotel room, to enjoy the big comfy bed that I don't have to make for one more sleep. I would also try to squeeze in a manicure/pedicure too at some point during the day. You see what I mean by overwhelmed with ideas!

I am a full time wife, stay at home mom, and college student. Anything I usually do is motivated by someone or something else. The shows I watch, the places I eat, the things I do for fun…everything is a joint decision, where I usually end up overruled, and I don't usually complain about that, because that is just my life. However, if I had a Self-Love Day, I would spend it being lazy, getting spoiled and pretty, smelling flowers, and doing whatever I wanted to do. It would be amazing. 

PS. I love myself. Okay, I opened with a traditional closer, but contemplating a self-love holiday made me think of the film PS. I Love You. Truth be told? I’ve never seen the popular Hilary Swank movie, but the title does an excellent job of summing-up how I think about self-love. Let me clarify: relationships color my world, and I give the highest quality lovin’ to others when I’ve loved-up on myself first. If I’m feeling optimal (my self-love holiday would include a yoga session, an extra foamy chai latte, and some alone time with a Jonathan Safran Foer novel), then I’m better able to love-up on the people that bring red and yellow and blue into my life (ya know, the folk that add all the color I mentioned earlier.) Loving-up on myself allows me to better love-up on you, and, with any luck, enhance our relationship.   Did you see me bring it back to relationships right there? I did and I will and I always do (bring it back to relationships) because, to me, that’s what life is all about.  

If there was a National Self-love day, I would spend that time at home in my pajamas painting, or crocheting, or maybe playing around with wheel-thrown pottery. If I’m in the mood to explore, I’d probably go and take a hike somewhere with my trusty film camera. I love love love doing creative things! I would also set aside some time for reflection. I feel like we often buzz through life anxious to get our next checkbox completed (at least that’s how I feel), and I never have enough time to stop and just fully appreciate the good things that has happened. I’ve become happier and more grateful in the past couple of weeks because I've set aside some time for some reflection. National Self-love day would be a day with no agenda. No check lists, no schedule, no goals. It would just be a day where I can rest and have an attitude of celebration and thankfulness.

The Angry Mob Behind Me

It’s here. I ran into my dad’s chest, hard and triumphant. He didn’t hug me back—because my movement was sudden and beyond myself—but he gave me my envelope.

This is my future. This is my life. This is my chance to become a published author. This is

As I was opening my letter I realized: Why is this so thin?

And then I learned.

A rejection letter is lighter than a sliver of tree, but heavier than five forests.

Don’t touch me, Mom.

I ran up to my room like a little kid throwing a tantrum. And all I could think was: This has to be a mistake. This can be fixed. This can be fixed.

But I knew it couldn’t. It was spelled out in front of me. Reassuring me that my application was “carefully reviewed.” Maybe it’s just me, but I would rather someone tell me “no” after just glancing me over. Not after they take a magnifying glass to my soul.

I did everything right, all down the checklist. I had all the right people triple check my writing sample and essay. I thought about it every day for half a year. Channeling my future to welcome me.

Before this rejection letter, everyone I knew said I would get into this grad school. And after this letter everyone I knew said that I should have gotten in. If I wanted to, I could round up an angry mob right now and have them march behind me, chanting how unfair this is.

The head of said mob would be my advisor, whom I have worked closely with for my four years of college, and who has become one of my closest friends.

After crying, sulking, and staring at the floor, I told him I want to apply again.

Our conversation was as followed:

 “You’re a fighter!”

“But I have to go through my cycle of wallowing. I’m still devastated.”

“Even when you wallow, you are still so cheerful.”

That’s when I realized.
Even though I am back to the drawing board, am swimming in job search engines, and feeling like I will never get into grad school, I have one thing that I can count on.

I love my life.

I love the people in it (everyone that’s in that angry mob).
I love my home.
I love writing—the heart of why I was so devastated.
I love the possibilities ahead of me.

And I want to keep fighting for what I want, and what I love.

And I don’t need a letter to tell me what I am worth. Because I already know.

Thank you to all our blogger friends who participated! We encourage you to blog about National Self-Love Day today and always.

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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