DIY Mendl's Box

By: Sarah

Welcome to our first ever DIY post! I love doing DIY's, I just don't ever post them on this blog. But I couldn't pass up sharing this one. If you're a Wes Anderson fan, you've probably seen his most recent film, The Grand Budapest Hotel.

The movie is so geometrically and aesthetically pleasing. It's like candy for your eyes. In the movie, there is a sweet shop called Mendl's Patisserie. The boxes are so cute and I wanted to make one of my own.

1. Cutting mat
2. Pink cardstock (make sure to print off this template)
3. Xacto knife or scissors
4. Glue
5. Blue ribbon
6. The Grand Budapest Hotel to watch while you're crafting (optional)

1. Print the template onto your pink cardstock. Once you have it printed, cut it out using an Xacto knife or scissors. Personally, I found it easier to use a scissors, as I am not super comfortable using an Xacto knife yet. But do what feels good to you. Be careful not to cut yourself or the surface you are working on (if you aren't using a mat).

2. Fold along the lines. Press down with a marker cap to get clean, crisp lines. Professional DIY-ers sometimes use this tool called a bone folder to do this job. But honestly, they're a little expensive, and a marker I had around the house did it just as well. But, if you want to use a bone folder, by all means, please do!

3. Apply glue to the panels on the side pieces. Do NOT glue the top piece, unless you do not want to be able to open your box.

4. Glue the panels to the inside of your box. Hold for at least 30 seconds to secure them in place. I am not a glue expert, so I used regular Elmer's school glue and found that this left the paper a tad bit wonky. If you ARE a glue expert and know of a better glue to use, please leave a comment.

5. Measure out a length of ribbon so it fits around the box, leaving a little extra to spare (you can cut this off at the end). Tie a bow around the box and you're done!

Guys, this craft is so simple and fun. I even had Kaitlyn, a self-proclaimed DI-Y-DON'T-YOU-DO-THIS-CRAFT-INSTEAD-ER, do this and her box turned out cute!

If you decide to make this project, make sure to let us know! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. Happy crafting!

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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