Year of Writing Ardently | Jan - March

I’m happiest when I’m creating.

The best way I know how to create is by wielding a pen and inking up a piece of paper. For me, writing is cathartic. But, I often found when I wrote I would do it sporadically and always tell myself, “I wish I wrote more.”

So I decided to.

On January 1, I challenged myself to write every single day. I’ve always admired people who had the discipline of doing something daily. Even more I admire authors who spend hours a day penning their novels. I wanted that discipline.

I figured I would maybe write three times a week at most, five if I was lucky. I proved myself wrong. It’s been three months, and so far, I’ve written at least once a day. Admittedly, some days were harder than others, but I’ve made it this far.

I’ve learned so much from writing these three months. I learned my best ideas always came while I was in bed. I found myself constantly falling asleep, knitting together words in my mind and quickly jotting them down in my phone before they escaped.

I found out that I rarely shared my writing, and instead kept it as a private accomplishment to myself – a small gem to be celebrated each day. I learned that the more I wrote, the more I wanted to write. (How meta is that?) It got easier and more fun to write and soon I was craving it. I got excited when I finished an entry and eager to write the next one.

Here are some of my supplies.
To help myself write, I created different "Segments" in my journal. On Friday's I wrote Fiction Friday. I also did what I called Field Notes where I wrote about what I saw in nature. At the end of each month, I wrote about good things that happened during the month.

I’m proud of myself for the discipline I’ve created in myself. And I’m proud of my writing.

If you're looking to start writing every day, or even once a month, here are some prompts that I used and found helpful:

-Write a eulogy to an inanimate object
-Write something gruesome
-Emulate your favorite author
-Write about someone you love, write about someone you hate
-If all else fails, write a list

Here’s to another three months (and then six more after that).


Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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