Hat's Off to The Hen House

By: Sarah

A few days ago my friend Katherine asked me if I wanted to go to a hat shop with her. She was looking to buy a present for a hat-loving friend. I said yes right away, as I love hats. I've loved hats for as long as I can remember - I used to try them on with grandma. I expected to browse around the store and leave after a few minutes. I expected the staff to be hoity-toity and standoffish, as so many small boutiques are.

However, what I found was a gem of a store and a remarkable experience.

Located in Milwaukee, The Hen House was precious and lush. The hat collection was amazing, with hats for every event in every season, each customizable to your style and head.

But what I really want to shout out was the phenomenal customer service. The ladies working encouraged us to try the hats on and even take pictures wearing them - which we really utilized. They gave us lots of information, while also not pressuring us to buy anything.

Then there was the pièce de résistance - this magnificent tiara modeled after Daisy Buchanan's headpiece in Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby. I really felt like a princess while wearing it and wish I had the money/a place to wear it. And if it turned me into the ever-adorable Carey Mulligan, I wouldn't mind that either.

We joked around with a very friendly sales woman during the whole visit and talked about what wearing a hat makes you feel. We decided on important, proper, whimsical and fun.

Have you ever been to a hat shop? What is your favorite way to rock a hat?

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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