Lessons from the City That Never Sleeps

By: MollyDespite never having traveled there, I always knew that New York City was going to be my city. From the city montages broadcasted through the TV, it seemed like there was magic seeping through the sewer drains that had me completely entranced. Visions of street-wide dance numbers and lavish lounges haunted by the ghost of Frank Sinatra filled my head. When I was finally able to save enough money to visit the City That Never Sleeps, I imagined that I would be greeted with a parade, but I soon realized that there is too much traffic for impromptu parades. Here's what else I learned:

1. I have to learn the hard way that the 60s are no longer alive in Greenwich Village, so leave the tie dye at home. 
2. New Yorkers don't appreciate Mariachi bands on the subway as much as visitors. 
3. When in New York, wear a tulle skirt a la Carrie Bradshaw. 
4. There are nice people everywhere. 
5. The concept of a New York minute. 
6. There's no better feeling than when someone tells you that you look like a ballerina in the middle of Times Square. 
7. Sometimes men in lavender zoot suits will shake their head at you on the subway and you'll never know why. 
8. On any given day, the Backstreet Boys can be 2 blocks from you. 
9. The magic of yesteryear is still alive in NYC. You just have to look for it. 
10. City rats scurry past when you least expect them. I took this sighting as a sign that I have finally made it. 
11. Of course, keep your wits about you and tend to your purse at all times. But this isn't about survival, it's about NYC.  

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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