Asking for Help is Not Weak

By: Kaitlyn

We all have things that we’re great at and things that we struggle with. I think when we put ourselves out here on the internet, we forget to mention that we’re flawed, which makes others feel more flawed (because why are everyone else’s lives so perfect?). But they’re not any more flawed; we’re all just human.

I have plenty of flaws: I can’t do any level of math, I make simple craft projects look more like abstract art, and I talk too fast that sometimes people have no idea what I’m saying. Recently, another one of my flaws has kicked me in the butt and rudely yelled in my face, “AHHH! FIX ME, KAITLYN!”

I never ask for help. I hate asking for help.

I am incredibly stubborn. And I’m most stubborn when it comes to myself. Throughout my life, I’ve very much have lived by the mentality of, “I can do it myself.”

I saw asking for help as a sign of weakness. I thought that if I asked for help that I was admitting defeat. I was admitting that I couldn’t do something. I was giving up on myself. 

I was wrong.

Asking for help is not weak. In fact, I have learned that asking for help is a great sign of strength. It takes strength to say that maybe you’re not okay by yourself, maybe you need an extra hand to guide you. There’s no shame in that. There’s strength in admitting that you need support. There’s strength in recognizing that it’s not healthy for you to fix some problems on your own. There is amazing self-love in that step. There’s hope.

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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