Up Close Candle-Lit

By: Nilly

You and I were never romantic,
but our friendship was.
Shrimp on the table,
piano music,
And even made up menus
with a fancy font—
Apple Chancery? Maybe.
We danced close,
but I pulled us apart.

A gap.

It was the first time
I remembered not loving you.
The most romantic dinner
on the night of my birthday.

Don’t touch me.

The magnet in my heart—

You and I were Will and Grace,
The Straight and Gay
Every minute of every day
I wanted to kiss you.

I stopped dancing and ate my shrimp.
You surprised me with dessert.
It was apple-something.
Thank you. That was delicious.

I kept the menu.

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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