2014 Reading Statistics, y'alllllll

By: Sarah
It's no surprise that we love reading. If you've read our blog for a while (or even for, like, one post) you'll know our love for books. So, as an avid reader with a fervency for graphic design, I decided to create our 2014 Reading Statistics based on our Goodreads pages.
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What I analyzed: number of books read, total pages read, average pages read, format of book, male vs female authors, genre of book, longest book, shortest book, book by star rating, most read author, books read by month, and what our favorite book of the year was.

I played around with a lot of different ideas on what data to gather, but in the end, these were my favorite topics to explore. Below is all the compiled data. Enjoy!
Sarah's Data


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Kaitlyn's Data

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What I found interesting

1. Kaitlyn gave zero books a 1-star rating.
2. Sarah read the most books in January, while Kaitlyn read the most books in December.
3. We both read primarily female authors.
4. We both gave the most 4-star ratings.
5. You can't see this on the charts, but a lot of the books we read this year were the same ... this might have something to do with being roommates. Hmm.borderProcessed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset
Happy reading! And hey, if you have a Goodreads account, feel free to add us!
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Oh, hello!
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