We are not strangers

By: Kaitlyn

I was absent-mindedly scrolling through Pinterest the other day (because who doesn't love to do that in the free time that they don't have) and I saw an inspirational quote/typography post that read: "We all start off as strangers." My initial reaction was "Oh, that's so tru--" And then I interrupted myself and paused to think about the whole concept of what a "stranger" is.

A "stranger" is defined as someone whom we do not know.

We do all start off as strangers to a certain extent, yes. I don't know your whole life story. I don't know what your hopes and dreams are. (Though I definitely want to know both of those things).

But part of me believes that we're never strangers. Ever. At any point in our lives. We all know each other. At the very core of us, we are all the same, which is a both humbling and scary thought.  We are all human and share far too much in common to ever be complete strangers.

I think we like to pretend that we're vastly different from everyone else. Don't get me wrong, everyone is different. We are all different combinations of genes, life experiences, and personality and that's what makes us beautiful. But what makes us the same also makes us beautiful.

Every single human on the planet knows all to well the feelings of joy, love, heartbreak and sorrow. We share friendships; relationships; places and things. We have all touched and interacted with the same environments. We share those things. We are those things. So we are never strangers.  We are each other.

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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