New Way of Thinking

By: Emily

"Do you think the glass is half full or half empty?" This is the question people think will unlock the pessimist vs. optimist vault that is supposedly built into or personalities, or just somewhere inside of us (who knows where, really). Some find the answer easy–obviously it's half empty. Someone took the freaking glass and drank some of it, then turned on the TV.  The Walking Dead comes on in five minutes. Duh. Others think that the water evaporated.  Who drinks a glass of water, really?  Only when you're taking a pill or something, right? So you're going to gulp down what it takes to get that nasty sucker down your throat, and then leave it on the table. You have laundry to tend to. And your cat. Now, there are those who think that being “half way” is not half empty because it is living up to its full potential of fullness. Now that just makes my brain explode. But I like it. Though, I have my own answer. An answer that I most certainly did not come up with on my own, but adopted from the #1 best idea orphanage in the world.  Google. The glass is not half empty. And not half full. It is completely full. To the brim.  With water and (wait for it) ...air. Yes, that's right. Air. Air fills up the glass. And this next part I didn't find surfing the web. This water and air in the glass is both positive and negative energy. You need water and air to live, the same way you need to feel emptiness to fully appreciate the full feeling.  Full.  Full. Full. We are all full. Full of ourselves? Well, maybe. But besides that, we all have our own glass. And we can drink out of it all we want. But it will always be full.  Whether it be half water, half air, 1/3 water, .22221% water, a fraction of air, or whatever, it's still full.  There is always something there.  And we have it with us always.  Yes, the way we look at life is important.  But why do we have to keep staring at a glass? In my opinion, as long as we keep drinking water, we'll all turn out okay. And just remember–you can always pour more water in.


Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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