My Favorite Camp Movies

By: Sarah

I've been feeling homesick for camp lately. It's the place I feel homesick for most often, I think. If I can't be there, one of my favorite things to do is watch movies about camp. Movies and camp are two of my favorite things ever, so combining them is always a wonderful thing.

Here are some of my favorite camp movies:

5. Wet Hot American Summer - One summer at camp, we watched this movie (what felt like) every weekend. It's pretty raunchy and pretty hilarious. And the cast is all your favorite stars before they were big stars - Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler, Bradley Cooper, Elizabeth Banks etc.

4. Standing Up - This movie is chocked-full with pure adorableness. Two kids meet at camp, become the outcasts and fall for each other. The best part is that they're like 12 so it's totally innocent and heartwarming. Falling in love at camp is probably the best plot line to any movie ever.

3. Camp Takota - All hail the Holy Trinity of YouTube. I love Hannah Hart, Mamrie Hart and Grace Helbig, so seeing them in a movie was surreal and wonderful. I love this one because it shows that it's ok to be a camp counselor for your whole life, or it's ok to do other things. No matter what, camp will always be a part of you.

2. Moonrise Kingdom - Also all hail Wes Anderson. One of my favorite directors, this is my favorite Anderson movie. Another one about younger kids falling in love. It's not necessarily a quintessential camp movie, but it has camp elements, so I'm counting it. If you hate this movie, I'd say to you, "I love you but you have no idea what you're talking about."

1. The Parent Trap - Ok, guys, The Parent Trap (starring LiLo in her glory days) is in my top five favorite movies of all time, so of course it made it onto this list. I can quote this whole movie by heart, and usually throw random quotes into casual conversation. This isn't a joke. Is there anyone out there who can still do the handshake? Let's either be best friends or date, please.

Do you have a favorite camp movie? Any recommendations?

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Oh, hello!
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