The world is so, so small

By: Sarah

This isn't going to be a terribly long post, I just wanted to share a story/life update with you all.

Let's rewind to summer of 2013:

I'm a careful person. I plan out my days, am always on time and like to control most aspects of my life. This summer, I did something out of character. I locked my keys in my car. And not just one set of keys - two sets. It was the middle of one of my days off and both my parents were at work. I was panicky and anxious, feeling abandoned and stupid. How could I have locked two sets of keys in my car? And what was I going to do? In the end, Kathy, a friend of my mom's and a woman I barely knew at the time, offered to give me a ride home. She was so helpful and friendly. Her selflessness is something I would come to appreciate more and more.

Throughout the summer, I helped Kathy with her blog and other random tasks. She became more than just my mom's friend, but also my friend.

Let's jump ahead to about a week ago:

Where I live, we receive monthly subdivision magazines featuring a family from the neighborhood on the cover. This month, Kathy and her family were featured. As I was flipping through the magazine, I noticed a job opening to become the magazine's Content Coordinator. On a whim, I sent in my resume and two writing samples. Three days later, I had an interview and got the job. It was all so fast and wonderful.

While on the phone with my new boss, something crazy happened. She told me that Kathy had applied for the same job, but insisted they hire me. She told them I was a good writer and that I deserved the job. I was floored but her selflessness when I found out. I still am. There are not many people I know who would give up a job for someone else. And Kathy ended up being hired for another position at the magazine, which is awesome. I'm so happy for her and grateful for her kind words and even kinder actions. I hope to one day be as selfless and giving as her.

And to think, all of this happened because I locked my keys in my car. Life is crazy and remarkable and throws the best twists in sometimes.

What's new with you? Any crazy coincidences like this happen in your life?

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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