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You can see and hear Kristin's excitement for life from miles away. Whenever Kristin and I get together, I always see her ridiculously cool red curls first and then hear her sing squeals of excitement when she notices me. And this is how Kristin approaches everything in her life. So, when I was thinking of my first guest here on T-Time with K, I knew she had to be the one.

Kristin and I met in college and bonded greatly over our mutual love of food. We would cook for hours at a time, just putting random ingredients together to make something great. Cooking nights with Kristin are among some of my fondest memories.

When Kristin graduated from college, she was stuck in the same place of a lot of twenty-somethings; a place of "Okay, what now?" She moved to Lanseboro, Minnesota, a small-tourist town surrounded by bluffs and quaint shops to start working in local art galleries.

"People in this community have been so helpful with me being...unsure of what's going to happen next," Kristin said as we Skyped earlier this week. And it just so happened that the answer to the "What now?" question was just waiting around the corner, quite literally.

A building opened up vacancy in Lanseboro, which sparked an idea in Kristin and a few close friends. They were going to open up a local grocery store and art gallery. And they did: Beste Byen Grocery & Gallery.


"It's cool, it's so cool. All the these things I'm interested all coming together here," Kristin said, describing how the store not only captures her love for local food, but also local artists.

The store just recently opened up to the public after a few weeks of crazy for Kristin.

"The week before was pedal to the metal," Kristin said. Kristin and a team of four others put together Beste Byen in only three and a half weeks. The focus of the store is on local, healthy and wholesome food, which is something Kristin has always been very passionate about. She sees this store as a great opportunity to educate citizens and tourists of Lanesboro.

She wants the store to be "educating people, but not preaching at people" about the importance of good local food.

"This is making a difference," she yelled excitedly into her camera. "Right here, right now!"

Kristin recently attended a video conference regarding local food where they talked about the National Happiness Index, in which the happiness of countries around the world were measured. One of the biggest contributions in societies that were happy was the connectedness of individuals in those societies.

"They had more connectedness in their culture and society, and one of the ways to do that is local food," Kristin said. "When it comes down to it, life is really about connections. It's food! What connects people more than that?!"

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Let's have tea :)


Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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