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By: Kaitlyn

Writing, to me, has never been about me. I'm not too thrilled when I write about myself. My passion for writing has always been through telling other people's stories.

Whenever anyone asks me what I want to do with my life, I always answer with, "I want to tell people's stories."

And I've realized that I haven't actually told someone else's story in a really long time. So I'm going to change that. Right now. This second.

Because starting today, I'm going to be starting a new weekly post series called:


I believe in the beauty of every individual on earth. Each one of us contains a million stories. Think of all the people you saw today on the street, at work, at school - that's a trillion stories right there (at least)!

And I want to start telling some.

With this series, I'm going to focus on a different person every week and tell some of their stories over some hypothetical tea.

I want to know,

What's your story? 

I want to interview and have conversations with people and answer that question in order to share it with others. You all have awesome stories to tell and I think now is the perfect time to start telling them. If you know of someone awesome and inspiring that I should interview or if YOU have cool stories to tell, contact me at:



Let's have some tea :)

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
We're Sarah and Kaitlyn, roommates from Milwaukee who started this blog to promote creativity and life.
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