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By: Kaitlyn and Sarah


We both just read the Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi and are so madly in love with it. Since we would like everyone else to be in love with it, we're going to share our thoughts with everyone we can.

Some people have said that Mafi's writing style is like a creative writing class gone wrong. If her writing is a creative writing class, then every single writer on the face of the planet should take that class because it is absolutely marvelous.

Mafi writes gorgeous prose full of remarkable descriptions and flawless symbols and metaphors, and as literary junkies, we could NOT get enough of it. Juliette's thoughts are often crossed off to show her instability and lack of self-awareness, or maybe she just doesn't want to be thinking the thoughts she wants to be thinking. It's a genius literary technique that is not only used to show Juliette's stream-of-consciousness, but her growth as well.

What is this series about?

This trilogy are futuristic dystopian novels that follow our main character, Juliette, as she spends her days locked away in a cell because she's a "monster" -- if she touches people they can be severely injured or killed. Her world changes as soon as she gets a cellmate, Adam, and is broken out into a world that she doesn't remember or understand. Everything has changed thanks to the force running the world - The Reestablishment.

Although this is a dystopian series, let's be real, it's way more romance-based that anything else. It's probably 20% dystopian and 80% romance. Which, usually would make us run for the hills. But it was totally captivating and the characters were mesmerizing beyond all belief. Even with a love angle between three characters, we were so into it. So if you haven't read the books, go read them. If you HAVE read the books click on the "Continue Reading" link to see the rest of our thoughts.

Ok, ya'll have read the book, right? Beware, spoilers!

Juliette: Juliette's characters is so well-developed in these books. In fact, she may be one of the best developed characters in YA history (*gasp* Yes, we know, that's a big claim). She starts the series off as a frail girl who thinks she is worth nothing. We've seen a lot of reviews in which people were annoyed by Juliette's character at first because she was too whiney. Yes, she was! But she was supposed to be. And she was 17 - a lot of 17 year olds are whiney. Many times in dystopian literature, the protagonist goes through something horrifying, but then magically gains strength and immediately becomes badass because of it. But not Juliette, which is why her character was so great - she was real. She spent hundreds of days locked in a cell, talking to no one. Of course she's not all right. She's not going to be immediately strong because she's out in the real world. It's going to take a lot of personal work to make her realize how important she is as an individual and that she deserves to be loved. And she does make that journey and it's awesome.

The Love Triangle (which really doesn't make sense ... really it's a Love Angle): We're both Team Warner. All the way. We admit, in Shatter Me, we were obviously on Team Adam (you would almost have to be) because we only saw Warner an arrogant and evil man in the first book. Adam was nice enough. But that's the thing. He was too nice. He wanted to fix Juliette - to protect Juliette from herself and from the world around her. That's not what Juliette needed. Juliette needed to grow and face the world around her and punch it in the face and say, "I'm here! I'm awesome! Deal with it!" With Adam, she just cried and was still trapped in the cell that she's been stuck in her whole life. Plus, Adam becomes a real jerk later in the series, especially Ignite Me. Then, there's Warner. Warner. Warner. Warner. He's so complicated and so beautifully woven together by Mafi. He's endlessly intriguing and he wants what's best for Juliette. At first, his intentions seem cruel. But he wants her to grow, to reach her full potential. He is not going to let her fears hold her back or let herself think that she isn't powerful. And Juliette gives the same back to Warner. It's a mutual and strong relationship. It also doesn't hurt that Warner is incredibly ... incredibly hot. How would you describe him? We don't know. He kind of just leaves us speechless. Also, Chapter 62? Chapter 55? Anyoneeee? Meow.

Kenji: Arguably the best secondary character in any book ever. We want to be his best friend/spouse and just hang out all day every day for the rest of our lives. He's so fun and caring and his banter is flawless. Can you please be a real person? It's awesome to see a boy-girl friendship in a book. Something that does not turn into romance. Kenji was so important to Juliette, so he is important to the readers. But, most importantly, we want Kenji to have his own spinoff series!!! It would be so great. There's still so much we don't know about Kenji's character and plus, we need to see how Juliette rules this new world anyways. Perfect recipe for spinoff. Where can we sign/start our petition?

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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