Recharging: 98%

By: Sarah

As I plugged my phone in Sunday, I took a mental note from it. Just like my phone needed recharging, so, too, did I. I was drained from everything. Being social made me tired, not being social made me tired. It was like my hardware had not been safely removed, and I now had a minor glitch.

To remedy this, I decided to recharge my mind and body. I needed time to myself. I didn't talk to anyone outside of my family and co-workers for a few days and infrequently (and absentmindedly) checked my phone sans responding to any texts/calls/etc. Instead of focusing on social media, pop culture and what the cute boy from work was up to on Facebook, I read books and watched my favorite guilty pleasure television and wrote some decent prose. I turned off my internal wifi and decided to just be.

Humans are all too connected to our phones, computers, GPS', televisions and whatever else is the newest trend. Sometimes, it feels like we are electronics ourselves, composed of a 3G bloodstream, DVR brain and iHeart. We have to remember we're actually just mostly water.

It's important to disconnect for a while, I think. To be in your own mind, spend time with yourself and not have to live up to anyone else's expectations for a bit is cathartic. The introverted side of me was exhausted and recharging allowed me to feel rejuvenated.

I've had time away for a while, but I'm back, full force, ready to dedicate myself to things again. And it feels great.

How do you recharge?

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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