We Are Not Fiction

By: Tenley

Single doesn’t have to be lonely.
I know you feel sad sometimes, sitting alone in your room,
Staring at that stack of books you have yet to read--
Books you are impulsively living through.

The characters that live inside are bold and brave,
And speak to strangers at a ‘drop of a hat’
(A phrase you’ll never completely understand).

These marvels of humans talk as though their hearts are on the line,
There voices are worth hearing,
And inside that book,
It’s impossible to feel like an outsider.

With that book in hand,
You the reader, have the incredible audacity to read minds,
Foretell futures,
And interpret endings any way you like.

You are reading, and thus, you can’t be alone.
You are in a very real relationship with the fictional.

Still, here you sit, staring at your ever-increasing library of biographies of inspirational people and pocket-sized prose.
You realize you feel as empty on the inside as the pages of your well-intended journal.

But, it doesn’t have to be like that.
Single is a beautiful and often underrated time of life,
Much like a little black dresses, a classic movie, or that Christmas Dickens’ tale.

Life is basically just one empty novel;
Worthless if just left on shelf,
And uninspired if not taken to heart,
So, we must also dust our single-selves off and learn to be our own heroes.

We will take nature walks to meditate.
We will buy the large popcorn and laugh out loud to at the movie theater.
We will let the snow touch our noses and cover our hair.
We will practice our patience and kindness
(We know it will come in handy someday).
We will study ourselves and admire ourselves.
We will look in the mirror and learn to unabashedly love every inch of our bodies.
We will take more time to connect with others,
And find soul mates in our friends and family.
We are the warriors in this tale.

We are important characters.
We are the ones who interpret our story.
We hold the pen.
We chose our feelings.
We are single… but never lonely.

We read our own minds, and create our own futures.
We can speak, and trust, and take chances.
Single, but never an outsider.

Enough of this pining.
Go have your adventure.
Don’t wait.
Someone out there is terribly impatient to read your story.

Someone out there is waiting for the book of your life to be sitting near to them.
They will take it off the shelf,
Study it,
And discover the beauty in every crease.
They will invest in your adventures,
And be gentle with the challenging chapters.

They will treasure it eternally,
As though your book, were the only book they would decide to take with them on a deserted island.

If lonely is merely a state of mind.
Why not make it a piece of fiction?

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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