Top 5 Favorite Christmas Movies


By: Sarah

YOU GUYS - Christmas* is a week away! And because of this, I probably won't be posting next Wednesday. So, I figure now is the best time to share my Top 5 Favorite Christmas Movies with you!

grinchBaby Taylor Momsen singing "Where are you Christmas? I cannot find you." is the best thing ever. Also, my family has a weird affinity with The Grinch. Basically, this movie makes my family and me feel happy. And it's a modern twist on a classic tale. The cartoon version is also darling.

wccccBing Crosby. Danny Kaye. Rosemary Clooney. Dancing. Singing. Loving. What more do you need?

loveThis movie has so many stories interwoven through it and they all tie together at the end. It's full of happiness and some sadness and overall loveliness. Also, think of any British actor you like - he or she is probably in this movie. My favorite story in the movie is the one with Colin Firth <3

holidayThe Holiday is a movie I watch all year round, it's so wonderful. I adore the cast - Cameron Diaz, Jack Black, Jude Law and Kate Winslet are all perfect in this film. It's a bit corny, but heartwarming. And isn't that what everyone wants at Christmas anyway?

elfInstead of explaining why this is my favorite Christmas movie, I'm just going to leave you with this quote: "I thought maybe we could make ginger bread houses, and eat cookie dough, and go ice skating, and maybe even hold hands."

What are your favorite holiday movies? Leave a comment below!

*If you don't celebrate Christmas, here's wishing you a Happy Whatever You Celebrate! And if you don't celebrate anything, here's wishing you a pleasant December 25 and season :)

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Oh, hello!
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