One of My Favorite Places

By: Kaitlyn

There’s a distinct smell when you walk in. It’s a mixture of attempted cleanliness, city  and coffee. There’s a healthy ring of excitement and buzz going through the air and the second you step in, you’re immediately ready for your next adventure.

Probably not everyone has this same experience. To some, it smells like must and too many people. The noise of impending crowds is overwhelming and ohmygodwhatifsomethinghappensandIneverseehomeagainandwhatif—

But, one of my favorite places in the ENTIRE world is the airport.

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I know it’s a strange place to deem your “Favorite Place Ever”, but hear me out. Let’s take a little trip through the airport and I’ll tell you why:

  1. The Front Door. It’s time to take your luggage out of your trunk, the bus’ overhang, or wherever you put it. It’s getting real; you’re going on a trip. Going through the first door of the airport is the very first step of going somewhere else. What is more exciting than the thought and daydream of going somewhere else in the world? It’s time to explore.

  2. The Flight Board. This is probably the most fascinating thing in the airport. It’s one of my dreams to go to the airport and randomly pick a destination on the board and just GO. One day…In the meantime, it’s fascinating to think about all the people around you and where they’re headed on the board.

  3. Security. Okay, so this isn’t the funnest part of the whole airport thing, but there is a small feeling of accomplishment whenever you get through it. Yay! You weren’t carrying any sharp objects! Good for you for remembering to put your mini shampoos in a bag and for remembering not to wear a belt today! You’re a winner.

  4. The Gates. There’s so much excitement for waiting for your plane to come and to watch everyone else around you waiting for their plane to come. You’ve all decided to travel to the same place on the same day at the same time. There’s something fascinating about the fact that there’s someone else, let alone hundreds of others,  planning to go to the same place you are.

  5. Plane Ride Commences. Seeing as how this isn’t technically in an airport, we’re going to skip how cool planes are. They just are. The end.

  6.  Boarding off of the plane. When you get off of the plane in a new place, you can tell immediately. Whether it be the humidity or lack there-of in the air, the change in temperature, or the new smell of a new city, the moment you first breathe in your destination is my favorite part of traveling.

My favorite part about airports wasn’t part of the journey above because it’s not in any particular step. My favorite part about airports are the people in them. Some people are leaving home, saying goodbye. Some people are getting ready to start a whole new life somewhere else. Some people are just taking a little break from their ordinary lives. Some people are getting ready to do something extraordinary. Some people are reuniting for the first time in weeks, months, years, lifetimes. The possibilities of human interactions and experiences that are held in airports are beautiful things.

So, while airports might not be the most glamorous places in the world, the possibilities that they hold in them are all kinds of gorgeous.

What's one of your favorite places?


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Oh, hello!
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