FFBC - Grave Mercy Section 2 Discussion


Welcome deer friends (get it, because we're forest friends? ha.)! It's time for our second discussion of LaFevers' Grave Mercy.

We don't know about you, but this is another book where once you start reading, it's hard to actually put it down. This week, we're talking about predictions. This book has a lot of odd situations, sketchy people and continuous intrigue, so we thought we'd put on our Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys hats and try to solve some of the mysteries ourselves.

In this section of reading, we got to know some of Gavriel's family. His brother and sister seem tolerable, but his mother is another story. We predict to learn more about the family and see the craziness that will ensue as his mother tries to take the thrown from her own daughter and give it to her son. It should be an interesting canter (horse pun - get it!?!?)

We also saw a bit of flirtation between Ismae and Gavriel in this section. As evidence from the last chapter we read, it's obvious Ismae is falling for Gavriel a bit, even if she is trying to hold back. It seems Gavriel may have some feelings for Ismae as well. We can't wait to see this pan out and predict/hoping for something steamy in the next section.

Something's not right about de Lornay and the Beast. They're total bros with Gavriel, which is fine and dandy, but their friendship seems simple and easy...a little too easy. Perhaps they're not as trustworthy as they may seem...

Also, there's certainly some kind of government (or nun-assassin) conspiracy going on here. They can't be all they say they are. How are you supposed to trust someone's judgement on who you're supposed to kill based on Mortain telling them to? The answer is you can't.

Click here to continue the discussion over at Hollis' post. Also, share your ideas through your own post (ping us back or tag "Forest Friends Book Club") or post your thoughts in the comments.

Next week, we are reading up to page 401. Let's focus on relationship: friendships, family, romance, etc. 

What are you predictions for the next section?

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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