FFBC - Grave Mercy Section 1 Discussion

Hi, Forest Friends!


We're really enjoying Grave Mercy so far and hope you are as well! :) This week, we'll be reading through page 261. 

Here are our initial thoughts: 

We love that this book takes us into a whole different world. We're definitely enjoying the world-building so far, as we are both fans of historical fiction. And the Medieval Times are pretty awesome to read about. LaFevers does a wonderful job with description and takes us directly into history and into this world. It's fun to take a little reading adventure in medieval Europe. 


Ismae - She's definitely a complex and interesting protagonist. We never know what she might think or say next which is really exciting to have in a main character.

Duval - YUM. I mean, seriously? Yes. Right? (That was Kaitlyn - Sarah's not too sold on this character yet. He just seems super uninteresting to her so far.)

But, he is the perfect mixture of brooding and mystery. We don't necessarily think he's cruel, he has a heart somewhere in there and we can't wait to see more of him (in every way). ;)

Kaitlyn's favorite character so far is Sybella. She's completely crazy and mad, which is why she's a fantastic character. I have a feeling we're not done seeing her yet, she's too mysterious to just leave this series. Can't wait to see her life story.

Sarah's favorite character so fas is Ismae. I think she's a kickbutt girl who did the right thing in escaping her abusive relationship. I like the way she thinks and hope she doesn't make any silly decisions based solely on love. Because, come on, we all know she's going to fall for Gavriel.

Assassin (Ninja) Nuns: 

This idea is clearly awesome. However, something doesn't sit well with us. These nuns are killing people. Is that justifiable? Is it okay to just kill someone because death told you to? We feel like there should be more struggle with this. Shouldn't Ismae or any other character doubt the morality of this? We hope that LaFevers addresses this later on in the book. Why are these women killing for St. Mortain and why is it so easy for them?

Focus for the next section of reading: Predictions. This book is full of mystery and intrigue, we want to hear what you think will happen next!

Did you read along with us? Comment below any thoughts you have or ping us back if you made a post :)

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Oh, hello!
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