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Welcome, Forest Friends!

It’s the third month of our book club, and in case you missed it, the book we’ll be reading this month is:


If you’d like a synopsis, click here.

This week, we’ll be reading through page 133. Here is the reading schedule for the rest of the month:


Next Friday, we (and you, if you’re joining us) will post our thoughts, feelings, predictions, rants, fan-art, ANYTHING about the reading.

Some ideas/tips:

  • Post your feelings as an entry on your blog! If you do so, make sure you tag Forest Friends Book Club so we can find you, OR ping us back.
  • Post your ideas/reactions in the comments of our post.
  • If you post before the Friday of the assigned reading week, make sure it’s nothing spoiler-y.

Each week we will focus on a certain theme or idea to narrow down our focus. Of course, you’re always welcome to talk about things outside of this theme; it’s just to help get ideas flowing.

For this first reading, our focus will be on: first impressions of the book. Tell us anything about what you’ve read so far. Are you liking it? Do you have a favorite character/quote? Do you like the writing style?

We’re excited to start our third book! Click here to read along with Hollis, our co-host/creator.

Will you be reading/posting this month?

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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