Can men wear skirts and lipstick?

Occasionally, I look through the Top Searches for this blog. About a week ago, I came across one that particularly piqued my interest:


Can men wear skirts and lipstick?

For me, the answer is easy: yes. Why not? What difference does it make if a man wants to paint his lips red and wear a piece of fabric that isn't connected in the middle? Is Peter's multi-colored manicure harming anyone? What about Caroline's shaved head and unshaved armpits? The way a person looks on the outside shouldn't define who they are. But, unfortunately, a portion of society still gawks at this.

The gender binary dictates that there are only two genders - a masculine one (boys/men) and a feminine one (girls/women). This doesn't really make sense to me. Maybe you're a man that feels like a woman. That's ok. Maybe you're a woman that feels like a man. That's ok. Maybe you don't really feel like a man or a woman. That's ok, too.

Your body does not define your gender. Other people do not define your gender. Your parents do not define your gender. Only you define your gender.

I'm a female who identifies as a female, so I've never experienced feeling like a different gender and I'll never know what it's like to want to be a man. I can't empathize with people who feel like this, but I can support. I don't care what gender you identify with or what sex you are attracted to. I'm more interested in your personality and your heart.

I say screw the gender binary and do what makes you happy. Wear whatever clothes you want to wear, wear make-up or don't wear make-up. Men, sew and cook and do ballet. Women, fix things and watch football and play football. I love when women can rock a shaved head and I've always thought beards looked beautiful adorned with flowers.

So to whoever asked this question, my answer is and will always be yes.

Do you agree/disagree with me? Share your opinions in the comments?
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Oh, hello!
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