Upside Down Bucket List

By: Sarah

I've never made an official bucket list. I guess the idea of making a list of things to do before I die makes me anxious. And solidifying my life in a list of the future never made sense to me - how could I possibly know everything I want to do? I like the idea of a bucket list, but in a different way.

All too often, I think, people focus on what they haven't done. They give themselves an allotment of time to try and do these things and are discouraged if they fail.

Instead, I'd like to praise myself for the things I have done. This list is not an attempt to brag, it's for me to be proud of. Because what we've already done in life is important, and that is forgotten all too much.

So here is my reverse, backward, upside down bucket list of sorts:
(Or things I've already done in my life of which I am proud)
1. Graduated college
2. Been a camp counselor
3. Been to many concerts live
4. Visited Disney World and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
5. Been a vegetarian for more than five years
6. Started a blog
7. Learned to knit
8. Learned guitar (sort of)
9. Been to Washington, DC
10. Took German for six years
11. Went to a movie by myself (something I do regularly now)
12. Read a book in one sitting
13. Been in a musical
14. Been on sports teams - soccer, softball, volleyball, basketball, cheerleading
15. Been to Mount Rushmore
16. Lived in a different state
17. Made friends across the world (thanks to the Internet and camp)
18. Voted in a presidential elections (twice!)
19. Saw Obama speak live
20. Been to a few of the Smithsonian museums
21. Been to the Library of Congress!!!
22. Rode on a train
23. Flew on a plane
24. Went to three proms
25. Been to a friend's wedding

I'm keeping it short for now - those 25 things are all events that made me so happy and excited to have done them. Maybe one day I'll make a bucket list (meet Amy Poehler, be on Survivor, relearn German, etc.), but for now, I like celebrating what I've done and what's to come.

What's on your Upside Down Bucket List? 

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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