Theme Week: November

wanderIt’s Theme Week again! The theme for this month’s week? Wander.
Did you find all the letters for wander in the graphic? They are wandering about... :)

Feel free to interpret the theme as literally or loosely as wanted. Some ideas for the week:
-Where do you like to wander?
-Ever experienced wanderlust?
-Did you see that movie? Do a review!
-Show us your wandering essentials.
-Create a wander playlist.
-Do you have any favorite books that explore this theme?
-Or movies?
-Have an awesome roadtrip story?
-Tell us about a time you were lost.
-Any idea you have!

We’d love your help with theme week. Want to contribute? Do you have any posts about wander? We’d love to see them! Email us at

See our Contributor Page for more guidelines on submitting.


PS - If you don't feel like submitting something for theme week, or even if you do, you could always submit something for our zine. *hint hint* More info here.

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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