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By: Quin 

There are those who are prone to wander. Devoted to torturing themselves with ideas and fantasies of what the world could be, what it should be, what it has been. Those who would rather fill their suitcase time and again, than find their niche in an everyday life of routine and realism. People who don’t want to lose their individuality by submitting to society’s perception of “success vs failure”.

Sure, a lot of us have everyday adventures that include scanning the channels on television, browsing the aisles in the grocery store to find our child’s favorite snack, or sifting through a stack of papers at our desk job. But, the truth is that scanning, browsing, and sifting aren’t the definition of what it means for us to really let go, relax, and more forward, sideways, and backwards with no aim or deadlines, or responsibilities. So, c’mon, for a second; think about where you would be right now, if time, and family, and money weren’t an issue. If all you had to do was close your eyes and make a wish, where would your magic carpet take you?

Each of us probably has a guess, as far as where we’d go, who we would go with, and what we would do while we were there if it was all-inclusive and we had a week’s paid vacation. Unfortunately, that’s not what I’m talking about. I mean, what would your first move be if you showed up at the airport, packed bags in hand, and just chose a place, hopped on a plane and went there? Which direction would you be heading if you got into the car with your significant other and just started driving, with nowhere to be? (If you’re not familiar with the concept watch Yes Man immediately.)

My husband and I daydream about that kind of scenario all the time. We love traveling to different cities, states, and countries with our kids and as a couple. If I could log on to the computer and type in any random three-letter airport code and immediately book tickets, I can’t tell you what it would be, because I don’t know. But, I can tell you how I’d be dressing and what I’d be shoving in my bag on the way out the door.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"]World Traveler Click the photo to shop this look.[/caption]

It’s my personal philosophy that, with red lips and a camera, a girl can accomplish anything. It’s because of this, and the fact that I grew up in a rural area, that you will notice my list of must-haves for a spontaneous, detail-less trip is very simple. My husband would agree that when you’re packing for anything, keeping things uncomplicated is the best way to go. Although, our concepts of “uncomplicated” might differ a bit. ;) Click here to read more of my must haves→


For me, nothing travels better than a comfortable, well-fitting, durable pair of jeans. I lean towards a darker wash because I feel like they tend to hide wear a bit better and can be paired with any top/blouse. In particular, while traveling, I love earth tones and wrinkle resistant fabrics. The mid-sleeved, polyester blouse I chose for the look above is right up my alley and easy to accessorize. I chose a very simple, layered, chevron/arrow necklace to complement the organic quality of the style and a masculinely designed, woman’s watch for a put together, “I mean business” appearance.

I will tell you that I am, personally, not a big watch wearer. It’s just one of those things that I don’t feel looks good on me. That being said, I feel strongly about it being a essential for any long journey because you never know when you might be without a cell phone or digital clock; especially outside the USA.

For fun, I went a little further and added a felt fedora. They are very in style for the fall/winter season, and could always be removed if you ended up in an overly warm climate. It might be a little cheeky but, I think it hints a bit of Indiana Jones, and I’m a sucker for that sort of thing.

Two absolute requirements whenever I am on vacation is, 1) a pair of comfortable, yet stylish, shoes and, 2) a crossbody bag. Now, I will tell you the reason for each…

  • Comfortable shoes, like these Desert Wedges by TOMS that I’m lusting after, are non-negotiable. Perhaps, not so much when I’m in my desired location but, definitely on the way to it. Who wants to be treading through airport terminals with blisters? Or get a flat tire, by chance, and have to hike to a gas station in stilettos? If you can find something that has function and flair, it’ll do you (and your feet) the BIGGEST favor.

  • A crossbody bag is also a given. I like to keep belongings close to me at all times when I’m away from home. You can never be too careful about who you are around or what kind of situation you can get into if you are an “easy target”, flaunting a large, detached handbag. A smaller, trendy purse can do the trick and squeeze in whatever necessaries you decide upon.

Here’s what would (and normally does) go on my person…

1) Oversized Sunglasses - Aviators are my preference but, they may not be yours. However, you can never go wrong with sticking your favorite pair of sunnies in your bag. I used to be an ophthalmologist’s assistant and, it wasn’t until then that I really learned the importance of taking care to protect my eyes from the sun. Polarized sunglasses are best but, can be pricy so, if you can’t afford them a cheaper pair from a retail store that are labeled “UV Protective” will do just fine.

2) Camera - As a photographer, my camera literally goes everywhere that I go. I am constantly snapping photos of our outings to the park with the kids if I’m not shooting a long wedding over the weekend. Some of the most sentimental photos that I have, are of trips I’ve taken with my family. Don’t miss a moment! You don’t need to own a fancy DSLR to do your trip justice, either! A disposable or polaroid would be just as effective.

3) For luscious lips, I would pack my EOS lip balm and my favorite red lipstick, L’Oreal Paris “Sunset Red”. Even if I could put no other makeup on, red lips can distract from tired eyes and make your teeth look whiter. Why would you go anywhere without it?

4) Last, but not least, I always have a heavy cardigan with me in case the weather takes a turn for the worse. It’s a nice alternative to a winter coat, more protective than a shawl, and more stylish than a sweatshirt. Also, if bought in a neutral color, can be worn over numerous outfits.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my daydream, advice, and preferences when it comes to worldwide wandering! 

Have a great day!

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