Go see a movie by yourself right now

By: Sarah

For me, wandering is usually a solitary activity. I like being alone. And one of the things I like doing alone is wandering. I like to wander, which now seems to equate to adventure, to wherever I'm feeling at the exact moment. One thing I almost always feel like doing is seeing movies.

In case you've never experienced it, seeing movies alone is awesome.

I feel like doing things alone, like seeing a movie or going to dinner, is often frowned upon. People assume the person is a loner, or, even worse, lonely. But this isn't always the case. In fact, I would guess it usually isn't.

I didn't got to a movie alone yesterday because I'm a loner, or, god forbid, because I'm lonely, I went because I wanted to go. I wanted to wander, and I wanted to do it alone.

While I'm not too keen on chick flicks (a topic I've explored before and may post about sometime), I do have a few favorites. One of those is Love Actually. When I discovered that the director made a new movie, I wanted to see it, stat.

[caption id="attachment_3000" align="aligncenter" width="560"]I think I might cut my hair like hers... I think I might cut my hair like hers...[/caption]

So yesterday, I went and saw About Time. And it was perfect. To start, I have a huge weakness for gingers, particularly of the family Weasley. Domhnall Gleeson, aka BILL WEASLEY, was the lead in this movie. Swoon-worthy already. Other fantastic actors included: Bill Nighy, Rachel McAdams and Will Merrick. The story was touching and incredibly sad. I was crying buckets at the end. I loved it.

Good or bad movie aside, here are some of the benefits of going to a movie alone:

→You are your best date. Let me explain. When you take yourself to a movie, you pay for only yourself, no one is there to interrupt you with talking or texting, you don't have to share your popcorn and then watch that person gulp down your Diet Coke fearing leftover kernels from their mouth have just resided with the fizz, and you don't have to worry about pleasing the other person if you picked the movie or hearing what they think of every preview (though I am guilty of the latter).

→Like I said above, it's a whole lot cheaper to go to a movie alone. And did you know that if you got to a movie at 11:25, it only costs $5??! Yeah, this was news to me, too.

→Also, apparently the only other people who see movies at 11:25 a.m. are old people. Which I was totally okay with. Welcoming, even.

→Sometimes, you get the whole movie theater to yourself, which can seem a bit daunting, but in the scheme of things, it's actually wonderful. It's like you rented the theater out for a private showing. How regal is that?

→You're completely going against what most people believe in ... in a way, seeing a movie by yourself is an act of rebellion. Keep doing it - maybe someone will write a dystopian book based on the events of your life, which will then be adapted into a movie which you, of course, will star in. And it's all because you went to so many movies alone and someone creepily noticed. Or maybe you just blogged about it too much.

In all seriousness, jump in your car right now, purchase a ticket to a movie YOU want to see, buy some popcorn, a huge sugary drink and a Red Vine to use as a straw, and enjoy your newest wandering adventure.

Have you ever seen a movie alone? What did you see?


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Oh, hello!
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