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Hellllllllo, Forest Friends! Welcome to our discussion for our November book - You Are Not Like Other Mothers by Angelika Schrobsdorff. If you haven't started reading yet, it's not too late to join in! Click here to learn about the club/book.

For the discussion this week, we'll be including: First impressions of the book. Do we like it so far? Do we have a favorite character/quote? Do we like the writing style?

Something that is so cool about books clubs is that you get the chance to read books that would have never even crossed your radar. For both of us, this is one of those books. And, to be honest, this book looked so intimidating. However, we've found we like it, in a weird way.

Weird is the best word we've found to describe this book. Not bad weird, just weird. And not weird in the sense that was is going on is weird or the characters are weird (weird count: 8), but the way it's written. There isn't really any dialogue and we have a very limited view on the characters, as it is told from a character who has yet to enter the book. This actually makes it kind of hard to relate to the characters, but they are interesting none-the-less.

The main character (and mother), Else, is a bit of a scatterbrain. Sometimes we want to shout "Yeah, you go girl!" (when she goes against her parents wishes and marries Fritz) and other times we want to slap some sense into her (when she decides to not divorce Fritz/when she doesn't acknowledge Hans as the father of her first daughter). None of the characters have really grabbed at our hearts or made us care about them. They are all interesting, that's for sure, but they all do things that make us just want to yell at them. Maybe that'll change. People change, right?

The setting of this story is super interesting. We love that war is kind of been a backdrop so far and the little things really depict just how unaware people were about what was happening in Germany, even if they lived in Germany themselves. It's certainly an interesting perspective. Here's hoping there's more on the war soon (not that war is good or anything, but it's intriguing in this novel).

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This week we'll be reading pages 130-265. Our focus for the next discussion will be: Characters. Who is your favorite? Who is your least favorite? Who are you shipping? Who do you want to slap across the face? 
Also, click here to read our co-host Hollis’ post for this section!

Did you post about YANLOM? Ping it back to this post or leave a link in the comments so others can read along!

OR leave us a comment with any thoughts you have on the book so far.
Happy reading!

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